Using the Connection Library

When using Ouvvi there are two ways you can use the connection library: In the Ouvvi site (triggers and steps) or within Data Sync itself when it is opened from Ouvvi.

By using the connection library it means that if you need to make a change to a connection e.g.a password change, then you only need to update it in one place and the projects that use that connection will be updated automatically.

In Ouvvi

In certain Ouvvi steps and triggers you can make use of the connections stored in the connection library by selecting the connection you need from the drop down list.

For example you might use the connection library with the SharePoint trigger to save you from needing to change the connection details in multiple places. Just select your SharePoint connection from the drop down, and then type in the name of the list you want to watch for changes.

Connection Library SharePoint Trigger

In Data Sync

When building a Data Sync step we recommend starting by creating the step in Ouvvi and then opening the Data Sync project using the Open Project button.

Open DS File

This creates a connection between Data Sync and your Ouvvi site and allows you to make use of the Ouvvi connection library. When Data Sync has opened you can tell that it is connected to Ouvvi in four ways:

1- By the URL in the topbar of the application, if you can see the URL to your Ouvvi site it is connected and making use of the Ouvvi Connection Library.
2- The title of the Connection Library window will show as Connection Library [Ouvvi]
3- In the output window where it will show the connection to the Connection Library is the Ouvvi API.
4- The registry connection in the window footer will show as the URL to the Ouvvi connection library

Ouvvi Connection DS

If there is no URL in the top bar then you are using your local Data Sync connection from the machine you are working from. Please see the Data Sync training for details on the local Data Sync Connection Library.


If you cannot find your connection in the connection library in Data Sync make sure that your project is connected to Ouvvi. You should be able to see the Ouvvi URL in the top bar of the window and the connection library window should show Connection Library [Ouvvi].

If the project is not connected to OUvvi, please go back to Ouvvi and reopen the project from there.

If the project is connected and you still cannot see the connection, please make sure that the connection exists inside your Ouvvi site. It might be that you only have the connection saved locally and not within your Ouvvi site as these are two separate connection libraries. To add a local connection to your Ouvvi site please see the previous page on creating a connection and look for the upload a connection section.