Adding a Trigger

The below tutorial will cover what triggers are and how to add a trigger to your Ouvvi project.


Triggers are core to Ouvvi and are like external events, you attach Triggers to Projects to run them automatically. Typically Triggers are Time based i.e. Every 10 minutes however triggers can also be created from external systems like when Data Changes in SQL, CRM, SharePoint etc.

Triggers are evaluated on an internal time-clock the default is every 30 seconds. When the Trigger evaluation starts Ouvvi will put all the triggers on the queue and the Ouvvi service agent(s) will start processing the triggers. The Triggers are all run in Parallel based on the number of Threads the Ouvvi service agent(s) have available. Once all the triggers have be evaluated Ouvvi will then calculate which one(s) will fire and start any projects attached to those triggers.

All the triggers are based on Time and when the value is greater than the current stored value the Trigger will fire.

Adding a trigger

To add a trigger to your Ouvvi project go to your project and open the Add Trigger drop down from the navigation menu.

The drop down will list the most frequently used triggers that can be added to your project. However if you want to create a different trigger then click More… and then Add Trigger to view all the trigger types.


Add Trigger

Choose a trigger to add from the list and then complete the required credentials in order to configure the trigger.

Trigger List

Press Save to save your changes. Now your trigger will be available to select from the add trigger list.

Go to Add triggers in the navigation menu and select your trigger from the list to add it to your Ouvvi project.

You can also create new triggers from the Triggers option in the main menu. To do this go to Triggers > Add Trigger and follow the same steps as those listed above. Triggers created in this way will appear in your trigger list when you go to add them to projects.

Add Trigger