Ouvvi Logs

The below tutorial will cover what logs are available to view in Ouvvi and how to access them.

There are two types of logs available in Ouvvi: System logs and Project Logs.

System Logs

To view the system log go to Log in the main menu.

System Log

Project Logs

You can view the project logs either by clicking on the hyperlinks in the system logs or by clicking into a project.

Inside the project page there are two ways to enter the log, either from the Last Run instance next to the steps or by choosing a log instance from the list of log entries under the Logs header.

Project Logs

When you click through onto the instance ID, you will see a page containing details of which project was run, when this started and ended, the duration of the project run time and the result (i.e. success, fail or aborted). If it was a Data Sync step you can have change set data recorded, showing how many records were updated, added and/or deleted. Below this you will have a log of the steps that ran. If any errors occurred, they will be shown here.

Log Instance

Exporting Logs

To export a log go to the log page you wish to export and choose Export Log from the navigation menu. This will generate a text file containing the data from the selected log.

Export Log