The below tutorial will cover what groups are and how to create, edit and delete groups.

Groups are a way of collecting Ouvvi projects into collections you define, this can make navigation and management of your Ouvvi system easier especially if you have hundreds of projects.

Creating a New Group

To create a new group go to Settings>Project Groups>Add Project Group.

Add Group

Now enter in a name and description for your group and press Save.

Group Details

Your group is now ready to have projects added and can be found in the main menu under Projects for quick navigation.

Adding a Project

To add a project to your group, open the project you wish to add and choose Edit from the navigation menu.

In the edit screen you will find an option titled Group Name, select your group from the drop down list and press Save.

Adding to Group

Your project will now be available to view in your group.

Project in Group

Edit a Group

To edit a group go to Settings>Project Groups and click on the name of the group you wish to edit.

Edit Group

Make any changes you wish to make and then press Save.

Deleting a Group

To delete a group go to Settings>Project Groups and click the x next to the group you wish to delete.

Delete Group

You will then be asked to confirm your deletion. If you are certain then click Delete.

Confirm Delete