Editing a Step

The below tutorial will cover how to edit and remove steps in a project.

Select the step you wish to edit from within the project, and then click Edit from the navigation menu. Once you are happy with your changes click Save.

Edit Step

Changing a Step Sequence

To change the order of the steps within a project, select Edit in the navigation menu of the project page.

Edit Project

Then change the order sequence number to move the steps up and down. Press Save to save the changes.

Change the Sequence

Enabling and Disabling Steps

To disable a step from your project, select Edit in the navigation menu and uncheck the checkbox of the step you wish to disable from the Enabled column.

Disable Step

This will keep the step within the project, but it will not run when the project starts until it is enabled again.

To enable a step, please repeat the steps described above but check the checkboxes.

Deleting Steps

To delete a step from your project, choose Edit from the navigation menu and then check the checkbox in the delete column of the step you wish to delete. Then press Delete Selected.

Delete Step

You will then be asked to confirm your deletion. If you are certain then click Delete.

Confirm Delete

Please note that steps cannot be recovered once they have been deleted.

Modified Details

If you click on the > next to the step you can see who created and who last modified a step within a project, including the date and time of each.

Modification Details

Version Details

Ouvvi will keep a copy of the step configuration each time it is saved, so then you can browse the changes that have been made and restore an older version if required.

To view the version history of a step click into the step and choose History from the navigation menu.

Version History

Please note that deleting a project or step will Delete the version history. Importing a project into Ouvvi will also Delete the version history of that project.