User Guide

Ouvvi Deployment Manager

Below you will find instructions on how to update your Ouvvi tenant to the latest version.

Upgrading an Ouvvi Instance

If you download and install a new version of Data Sync there may also be a new Ouvvi update available. If this is the case then your instance version number will be different to the version number shown in the bottom left corner of the Deployment Manager, as shown below.


To upgrade right click on your instance and choose Update, this will stop the Ouvvi Service and then upgrade your instance files.

The upgrade does not change any configuration it just updates the runtime files and updates the Data Sync version number in the Web and Service Configuration Files.


The two version numbers will now match.


Next open a browser to Ouvvi to verify the update was applied successfully and that no more steps are required. Then re-start the Ouvvi Service.