Running the Run Tool Project and Steps

Once you have all the steps you need and you are happy with the order they will run in, you can start the Run Tool project by clicking Run.

Run Project

If you want to schedule the project to run at a specific interval or time, see our scheduling training page here.

Run a Single Step

If you want to just run a single step out of the project, right click onto that step and select Execute Step from the list.

Execute Single Step

Run Multiple Steps

You can run a selection of steps by selecting the ones you want to run, right clicking and then selecting Execute Step(s) from the list.

Execute Multiple Steps

Run From the Command Line

You can also run your Run Tool Project manually from the command line, for example you could use the following script to run a Run Project called StartOfDay:

 C:\Program Files\Simego\Data Synchronisation Studio 3.0\Simego.DataSync.Run.exe -e "StartOfDay.dsrun" 

You can pass in parameters to the command line to be used in your project, see the details on our Importing Command Line Parameter Step.

Stopping the Project

When running multiple steps in the run tool you can stop them by clicking Stop. The stop will attempt to stop the step and if it is not possible it will stop on the next step in the sequence.

Stop Project