Editing the Connection Library

The below tutorial will cover how to edit a connection saved in your connection library. This applies for if you need to update the credentials after a password change and to update the connection to get a new OAuth refresh token after a change is made to the connection.

Editing a connection in the connection library will update all projects that use that specific connection on your machine.

To edit a stored connection you need to start by opening a new Data Sync project and then open the connection window. Now locate your connection under the connection library tab. Clicking on this will bring up your connection details. Make any changes you need to and then click Connect & Update Library Connection.

Connect and Update

If you are updating an OAuth connection like the screen capture below then you will need to re authorise the connection and select an item (e.g. Entity) to connect to before clicking Connect & Update Library Connection.

Connect and Update OAuth

Your changes have now been saved and the connection is ready to be used. Any projects using this connection will be updated with the new details.


If you find projects are not updating with the updated connection details, please check that the project in question is using the connection library connection you updated. Most of the time the reason a project is not updating is because it has a separate connection, either a different connection library connection or it was configured outside of the connection library.

You can update the project to use your connection library connection by finding the connection in the connection library window, right clicking onto the item to connect to and select either set as source or set as target depending on what you need.

Right Click Connection