Connecting to a Source

Your Source data can be anything you like, for example a SQL Table/View, a SharePoint List, or a CSV file.

A good rule to follow with Data Sync is "Make your Source data look like you want your Target data to look".

In the Data Source A window go to Connect Data Source and click the link.

Connect Data Source

This will open the connection window.

Connection Window

Now choose a connection provider from the list and enter in the required credentials. You would then click Connect to connect to this chosen source.

NB. We will cover how to save your connection to the Connection Library and how to connect to your desired source from this in a later tutorial.

Source Functions

The Data Source A window contains the following functions:

Data Source A Functions

Connect Data Source

Connect to a new data source, by using the connection explorer window.


Refresh the connection to the data source. If the data source has changed but has not been refreshed in Data Sync.

Preview Data

Preview the data contained within the data source, excluding any calculated columns, dynamic columns or lookups.

Add Calculated Column

Create and add a new calculated column, which can then be added to your schema map.

Delete Calculated Column

Remove any unwanted calculated columns.

Add Lookup

Add or edit a lookup to your data source.

Delete Lookup

Delete any unwanted lookups.