Using the Connection Library

When you save a connection to the connection library it will be available to use and see in your connection tree window. If you have only just saved the connection, please make sure to refresh the window using the refresh button to update the connection list.

Connection Tree

The connection library is available for you to use in any of your Data Sync projects. You can either use the connections to set your source and target or you can use them to make configuring lookups as simple as dragging and dropping.

You only need to save the connection once per site and you can access all the items contained within. E.g. Saving a connection to Dynamics will enable you to access all the entities within that site. Saving a SharePoint Online connection will enable you to connect to all the lists and document libraries contained within that site. Saving a connection to a SQL Database will enable you to connect to any of the tables stored within the database.

By saving the connection to the connection library it means that if you need to update any credentials, then all the projects that use this connection will be updated.

Connection Tree

To use the connections in your connection tree, go to the connection type you wish to use and expand the option. Then choose the connection you need i.e the entity, table or list that you want to connect to for example.

In the below example we are using Dynamics and want to connect to the account leads entity. Expand the entities folder and locate the accountleads entity.

You can now either drag and drop the entity onto your source or target, or your can right click and choose either Connect to Source (A) or Connect to Target (B).

Right Click Connection