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Please see the menu on the right for more information on the Queue Table and Agents in Simego Online.

System Services

The System Services table is an overview of the running status of your Simego Online Agents.

System Services

Green flags mean that the services are running as expected.

Red flags mean that the services is either very busy running jobs or there is an error. If you find that your jobs are not running then please check the logs for any errors. You may need to open the Simego Online Agent Manager and check that your services are actually running. If they are stopped, and you try to re-start them but they keep stopping, please check the agent manager log to look for the error.

Grey flags mean that the services are not running or have not been installed.

If you restart your services whilst jobs are running, you will need to unlock the items from the queue. It will appear as though the jobs are just running continuously and never get cleared from the queue table.