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Setup Simego Online Dependency Agent

Simego Online agents can be installed on multiple machines to consume different resources. These agents can then be defined as a dependency agent so only the steps with the same dependency name will run on this agent.

You may wish to configure a dependency agent when you need steps to run on a specific machine.

Install Simego Online Agent

Go to Services > System Services and click onto the Add Agent button.

Install Agent

Type in a name for your agent and the dependency name and then click Next Step.

Name Agent

Now copy the text that appears in the blue box. You will need this to install your agent.

Copy Text

Open Data Sync and go to Tools > Simego Online Agent Manager.

Simego Online Agent Manager

Click the New Agent button to open the configuration window.

Add Agent

Now paste the text that you copied earlier from Simego Online into the window and click OK.

Paste text

Type in a name for your agent and then click OK to install and create it.

Name Agent

You now need to install your agent as a Windows Service. Right click on your agent and select Install as Windows Service.

Install or Run

Edit the Windows Service

Locate your Agent in Services and edit the Service to set the Windows Account to run this Service.

Simego Online Service Setup Simego Online Service Setup

Step Configuration

Now you need to configure your steps in Simego Online to run on this agent only, do this by setting the Execute On parameter to the Dependency name you defined for the service.

Configure Step

Note that choosing Any will run the project on the controller agent.

Start the Service

Once you have configured your projects to execute on the dependency you have chosen, make sure to start your services from the Simego Online Agent Manager. You can do this by selecting the agent in the list and then pressing the green play button.

Start Service