User Guide

Simego Online Integration Project Scheduling Solution

Simego Online is a new way of scheduling your Run Tool Projects, whereby Simego hosts and maintains the platform for you. This takes away issues regarding hardware and software requirements, SSL/TLS configuration how to handle software upgrades, and hosting of the platform.

We can generate an new instance for you and you just browse to the URL, set up the configuration, and create projects that point to your Run Tool projects.


Simego Online is a controller system for scheduling Data Sync Run Tool projects the configuration of what to run and when is stored in a Database in the Cloud (AWS).

The only data we hold in the database is your basic project information such as the path to your local Run Tool project and execution logs, and this data is encrypted at rest.

Your data and the functioning of your Simego Online Instance are all processed by the Service Agent which runs on your local machine so it never passes to our system. This means that you can be reassured that your data is only handled by your local agent and Simego Online does not see your data.

Simego Online Design

At a high level Simego Online contains of Projects, Steps and Triggers these come together to create a powerful operational management platform for your Data Integration Tasks. Every run within Simego Online is tied to an instance of the log so that you can trace back all the events to a specific execution.

Projects represent a thread of execution and run in parallel, Steps within a project run in a sequence one after the other within the project thread.

Triggers represent external events such as time interval schedule. These triggers are attached to projects to invoke the projects to run automatically.

Projects, Steps and Triggers run within the Simego Online Service Agent. The Simego Online Web is the management interface and controller scheduling work to be executed by the Agent.