User Guide

Queue Table

Simego Online keeps a track of everything that is currently running in the Queue Table.

The queue table can be found under Services > Queue Table.

Queue Table

Unlock Selected Queue Items

The Unlock Selected Queue Items button allows you to release items that have become stuck in the queue table.

You may wish to unlock queue items if they seem to not be being released from the queue table and projects seem to not be running.

To unlock an item check the checkbox next to the item/s you wish to unlock and then click the Unlock Selected Queue Items button.

Unlock Queue Table

Reset Queue

The Reset Queue button removes all pending tasks from the queue table and resets the status of the queued jobs to aborted.

You need to make sure the services have been stopped before resetting as this can cause tasks to hang in the queue and not be aborted.

Reset Queue Table

Clicking the Reset Queue button will bring up a warning to ensure that the services have been stopped. If you are uncertain if you have stopped your services please go to Data Sync and open the Simego Online Agent Manager, select your agent(s) and stop the services.

Reset Queue Table Warning

Queue Failures

Queue Failures can be used with more advanced projects. Where the project can be configured to save any failures, allowing for them to be resubmitted once the issue has been resolved.

For example we use queue failures to control our helpdesk system. If an email cannot be sent due to the email host being down, this will be added to the queue failure table. Once the host is back up and running the failure will be resubmitted to the queue table and processed, resulting in the email being sent.

Queue failures can be found under Services > Queue Failures.

Queue Failures