Run Tool

Run Tool Steps

There are multiple step types available to make use of in the Run Tool, below you will find the details on what steps are, how to add them and how to edit them.

For details on specific step configuration, please see the menu to the left.

Add a Step

To add a step to your project either click onto the shortcut button Add Step or go to File > Add Step.

Add Step Shortcut

Add Step Menu

Then select the step type you want to add, enter in a name, and follow the configuration details on the specific step page in the menu to your left to configure your step.

Select Step Type

If you need to edit your step once it has been created, simply double click onto it to open the configuration window. If it is a Data Sync step, double clicking will open Data Sync.

Run Condition

Within each step configuration you can choose the run condition you want it to run under, either:

  • Any: Runs if previous steps have failed or succeeded
  • Success: Runs only if previous steps have succeeded
  • SuccessDataChanges: Runs only if there have been data changes
  • Failure: Runs only if previous steps have failed
  • Disabled: The step will not run

Just select the step in your Run Tool project, right click and select Run Condition from the list. Then change the run condition as you need.

Change Run Condition Shortcut

Alternatively you can select the step and go to the configuration window to the right and change the run condition from there.

Change Run Condition

Edit Multiple Steps

You can also edit the run condition of multiple steps. Just select the steps to edit, right click and change the run condition in one go.

Change Run Condition Multiple

Run Step(s)

Once you have all the steps you need and you are happy with the order they will run in, you can start the Run Tool project by clicking Run.

Run Project

Each step should now go green if it was successful.

All Steps Run

Run Single Steps

If you want to just run a single step out of the project, right click onto that step and select Execute Step from the list.

Execute Single Step

Run Multiple Steps

You can run a selection of steps by selecting the ones you want to run, right clicking and then selecting Execute Step(s) from the list.

Execute Multiple Steps

Copy a Step

If you want to make a copy of your step, saving you from re-creating it, you can do so by selecting the step you want to copy and right clicking. Select Copy Step from the list.

Copy Step

This will then open a window where you need to define a unique name for the copied step. Click OK once you are done to add it to the step list.

Rename Copied Step

Delete Steps

You can either delete single or multiple steps from your Run Tool project.

NB. If you remove a Data Sync step please note that it is not deleted from file system.

To remove a single step you can either right click onto the step and select Delete Step from the list.

Delete Step

Or you can select the step and select Delete from the toolbar menu.

Delete Step

Delete Multiple Steps

To delete multiple steps, select the steps you want to delete and then either click Delete in the toolbar or right click and select Delete Step(s).

Delete Multiple Steps