Run Tool

Data Sync Step

To create a new Data Sync Step click onto the Add Step button and select Data Sync Project from the list. Enter in a name for the step and click OK.

Add DS Step

The Data Sync step is then added to the list in your Run Tool project. Move this to where you need and save your project.

Configure the Step

To edit the Data Sync step, double click onto the step to open Data Sync and start designing your project.

Import an Exisiting Data Sync Project

If you already have Data Sync projects designed that you want to add to your Run Tool project you can do so by going to File > Import , then locating the Data Sync project you are after and click OK.

Import DS Project

The project will then be added as a step to your Run Tool Project, re-order this as you need to, set the run condition and save your project.