Run Tool

Import Environment Variable Step

The Run Tool has the capability to import a Windows environment variable at runtime to the user settings of the Run Tool project. This can then be used by other steps within that project.

Add Step

To be able to run the program you will need to add it as a step to your project. To do this click onto the Add Step button and select Run External Program from the list. Enter in a name for the step and click OK.

Import Environment Variable


This will then open the configuration window. Enter in the required parameters and click OK to add the step.


Setting Description
Variable Name The environment variable to be passed to the user settings of the project.
Error if Value is Empty Uncheck the checkbox if you do not want the step to fail if the value is empty.

The step will then be added to the bottom of your project, move this to where you need it to be, set the run condition and save the project.

View all Environment Variables

To view all the available environment variables open the command line terminal and type in set. This will return a list of all the environment variables for your machine.