Run Tool

The Run Tool Logging and Error Handling

The Run Tool will retain a log of each process that occurs within Data Sync, this can be viewed from the log tab or from the log files saved to the .ds folder.

Log Tab

Logs will record each time a step is run, and will output the execution details. You can view the log output by clicking onto the Log tab.

If there are any errors that have occurred you can click onto these and a detailed exception will be shown in the output window.

Run Tool Logging Errors

Clear the Log.

If you need to clear the log, you can do so by clicking the Clear Log in the toolbar.

Clear Log


If a step fails you can right click onto that step and select View Error to view the specific exception that was thrown.

View Error

Error Exception Window

Log Files

If you need a copy of the log files, you can find the log folder in the .ds folder. This is created by default in the same folder as the run tool project.

Log File Location

The log files can then be opened in your preferred browser.

Log File