Run Tool

Python Script Step

You can run Python scripts in the Run Tool by making use of the external program step.

Add Step

To be able to run the program you will need to add it as a step to your project. To do this click onto the Add Step button and select Run External Program from the list. Enter in a name for the step and click OK.

External Program


This will then open the configuration window. To add your python script, enter in the required parameters described below and click OK to add the step.

Configuration Python Script

Setting Description
Program The external program file to be run. For this example we need python.exe
Program Arguments Any arguments to apply to the program. Enter in the name of your script file, for example
Working Directory The path to the directory where the file is stored. Click onto the ellipsis (...) to browse your directory to set the path to your python script or use the default {{SolutionPath}} setting if it is stored in the same file as your Run Tool Project.
Hidden Window Select the checkbox to start the program in a hidden window.

The step will then be added to the bottom of your project, move this to where you need it to be, set the run condition and save the project.