User Guide

SQL Query Tool

Data Sync contains the SQL Query Tool which can be used to run queries on SQL, Maria DB and Postgres Databases.

To access the tool go to Tools > SQL Query Tool.

SQL Query Tool

Now connect to your database by clicking Connection.


Choose the required provider from the drop down menu.

Provider Drop Down

Then enter your connection string under Data, and click OK to connect.

Connection String

Now you are ready to enter in your statement.

SQL Statements

You can make use of any SQl statements not just CREATE and SELECT. For example, UPDATE, DELETE and CASE Statements can be used to edit and manipulate your data.

For more examples of SQL Statements and how these can be used please visit W3Schools.


If you save your connection to the connection library, then you can use the shortcut to open the SQL Query Tool and be connected to your desired Server and Database.

To use this, go to the connection library and expand your database connections. Right click onto your connection and choose Open SQL Query Tool to open the SQL Query Tool. You are now connected and ready to use the tool as required.

SQL Query Tool Shortcut