User Guide

Pass Ouvvi UserSettings into Data Sync Projects

How to use Ouvvi User Settings in your Data Sync projects.

This is compatible with versions of Data Sync after 3.0.962 and Ouvvi 2.5.342.

Create a Property

To pass User Settings from Ouvvi into your Data Sync projects you need to create a new Property in Data Sync with the same name as one in Ouvvi.

Under File -> Properties add a new property to the Properties Collection.

Properties Collection

Use the Property with Project Automation

To use this new property with your project you need to write code within Project Automation Start() method to apply the change to your Datasource configuration. For example modifying the Where clause on the SQL Provider.

To obtain a value from the Properties Collection simply access it by the indexer for example Properties["LastID"]

Project Automation

Then when the User Setting value is updated in Ouvvi it is also updated in the Properties of the project at runtime.