Email Server Configuration - SMTP

Please note that Microsoft is retiring the Exchange Web Services API in 2026. As our connector is based on this API, it means that it will not work from this date. For more information on this retirement please see the Microsoft page here.

If your email provider still supports SMTP then you can use the following details to help you get connected to your email server.

To connect you need to start by configuring the connection details to your Email Server.

Enter in the email address and name into the corresponding fields and set the Email Server Type to SMTP Server.

You will then need to provide the SMTP Server URL and the Port number. For office this is, and port 587.

Enter in your username and password to connect. This account needs to have permission to send emails from the address listed in the From Address field.

SMTP Connection

Example SMTP Settings

Below is a table of a few providers SMTP settings. If your provider is not listed a quick online search will tell you the settings you need.

Provider Server Address Port
Office 365 587
Gmail 465
Hotmail 587 or 25
Yahoo 465
BT Mail 587
AOL 587 (TLS) or 465 (with SSL)