Creating an Email Attachment with Data from your Source System

Please note that Microsoft is retiring the Exchange Web Services API in 2026. As our connector is based on this API, it means that it will not work from this date. For more information on this retirement please see the Microsoft page here.

From version 3.0.2095 we have built a connector that enables you to include a dataset as an email attachment (CSV, Excel, XML and JSON) and also provide a HTML table of the data in the email body.

This connector supports connecting to exchange via OAuth and SMTP. You can find it in the connection window under Microsoft Exchange Server > Email Dataset.

Blank Connection Send Email DataSet

The overview of connection process is:

  1. Enter the details required to connect to your email server. This can either be by SMTP or by using Azure Graph API.
  2. Configure the message details. This is where you add the email addresses to send the message to and determine the table type to return in the message body.
  3. Configure the attachment.
  4. Configure the columns.

Once you have saved the base connection to your email server you can use the quick create option to populate the properties based upon the source columns added to the schema map. You can read more on how to use this here.