How to Add Additional Attributes from Active Directory to the Schema Map

Properties Collection

The Properties collection contains all the Active Directory Attributes that the connection will return. The connection includes a default set of properties and you can extend this list with other available Active Directory Attributes.

Add an Attribute

You can add attributes to your schema by going to the connection properties window and finding Properties. Click onto the ellipsis (...) to open the properties collection manager.


Once the property collection window is open click Add to add a new attribute. Once you have completed all the fields click OK to save the attribute.

Add Attribute

Property Description Example
AdName The name of the attribute in Active Directory userprincipalname
DataType The DataType of the Attribute System.String
Name The name you want to represent this attribute Logon Name
ReadOnly Specifies if this is attribute read-only and therefore not sent to Active Directory on Create and Update. False
TryParseValue Specifies if Data Sync should try and parse the value to extract a friendly (formatted) value or return the raw value. Should be false if your updating this attribute. False

Refresh Data Source

Once your attribute is added you need to refresh your Data Source by clicking the refresh button in the target toolbar, so that the attribute is then shown in your column list.

Refresh Data Source