Upgrade from Ouvvi v3

Ouvvi V4.0 is architecturally the same as Ouvvi V3.0, this makes for a reasonably straight forward upgrade.

Caution: Please ensure you have a backup of the Ouvvi Database incase you need to go back to the previous version.


First stop any Ouvvi Service(s) via Windows Service Control Manager (services.msc).

To copy the Ouvvi V4 Web and Service files and remap the Database connection from the old ouvvi.config file use the following PowerShell Script. Replacing -targetPath with your existing Ouvvi configuration values.

# Import Ouvvi PowerShell Module
Import-Module OuvviAdministration

# Update Ouvvi Instance
Update-Ouvvi -targetPath C:\OuvviTenants\Default 

Next for the Actual DB Upgrade, open your browser to the Ouvvi Setup page i.e. http://localhost:8080/setup. Check the settings and follow the Schema Upgrade Tool link to open the schema upgrade tool.

Schema Upgrade

Press 'Upgrade Database' to migrate the DB to the new DB Schema.

Schema Upgrade Tool

Your Ouvvi instance has now been upgraded and is ready to run as normal.