Upgrade from Ouvvi V2.0

If your running Ouvvi v2.0 there is not a direct upgrade to V4.0.

We have created a Database script that will upgrade a v2.0 Ouvvi Database at schema level v2.8 to an Ouvvi v2.5 Database Schema Level v2.13 which can then be migrated using the Ouvvi v2.5 to v4.0 installation process.

You can check your current schema level by running the following SQL on your Ouvvi Database.

SELECT Value FROM Configuration WHERE Name='SchemaVersion'

If your Ouvvi Database Schema Level is v2.8 you can follow the steps below to upgrade to Ouvvi V4.0.

  1. Backup your Ouvvi SQL Database (for recovery should the process fail)
  2. Run the SQL Script against your Ouvvi Database.
  3. Follow the Ouvvi Upgrade v2.5 process.
  4. Import your Connections from the Data Sync Connection Library into this new Ouvvi Instance.

NOTE: This Upgrade Script will DROP all your LOG data.