How To

Import Active Directory Users into a New SharePoint List

If you need to import or maintain a list of users from Active Directory in a SharePoint list, you can use Data Sync to do so.

The video below covers adding Active Directory users to a new SharePoint List.

Connect to your Source and Target

Connect your source to Active Directory and your target to your SharePoint List.

Alternatively, if you want to create a new SharePoint list start by adding the columns you want to be included to the Schema Map and then go to Tools > Create SharePoint List.

Create New List

Connect to your SharePoint site and type in a name for your list.

New SharePoint List

Configure the Schema Map

Configure the schema map to include any columns you need and match the source columns to their corresponding target column in SharePoint. Make sure to select a key column to identify each record.

Your schema map might look similar to this:

AD to SP Users Mapping

Compare & Sync

Once you have configured your schema map, click Compare A > B in the toolbar. This will open the compare results where you can preview the changes to be made.

You can preview additions by clicking on the green plus icon, updates by clicking on the blue diamond, and deletes by clicking on the red minus.

Deletes are disabled by default to prevent accidental deletions but will still appear in the results if their are any. To enable delete set EnableDelete to True on your target.

Compare Results

Then click Synchronise and Start to begin the sync. Your Active Directory Users have now been added to your SharePoint List.