Release Notes

Below you will find History of changes made to Data Synchronisation Studio and Ouvvi from 2023 (Version 6). For releases in 2022 and before please see our older release notes.


6.0. 220 - 20/12/2022

FEATURE: Can now connect to Ouvvi Projects from Data Sync UPDATE: Back end now uses .NET Standard in preparation for .NET Core and uses the framework .NET V4.8 UPDATE: Connector structure has been reorganised in preparation for .NET Core OUVVI: UI changes made, navigation at top and overlays to improve usability. OUVVI: Connections support OAuth and can be viewed, added and edited from the UI (rather than only being uploaded). OUVVI: Forms based authentication now available with Azure AD support OUVVI: IP Filtering now possible OUVVI: Optimization of back-end processes