Release Notes

Below you will find History of changes made to Data Synchronisation Studio.


2.0. 220 - 07/04/2010

FIX: to Encode Column Names when creating SharePoint list form Schema.

2.0. 222 - 14/04/2010

FIX: Exchange Contacts Reader, where the same schema column has been added multiple times.

2.0. 224 - 19/04/2010

FIX: the Addin installer to correctly write the location of the Addin File to the DataSyncStudio30 path.

2.0. 228 - 28/04/2010

Added a SchemaMapping Helper Class Added a new Data Provider to Read/Write .NET XML Data Set Files.

2.0. 230 - 04/05/2010

Added a Obfuscator to enable scrambling data. Enabled Name and Version in the output file.

2.0. 232 - 18/05/2010

Updated OData provider to support writing.

2.0. 234 - 20/05/2010

Updated Obfuscator to include simple mode.

2.0. 236 - 14/06/2010

Updated SharePoint List provider to strip Xml Characters from the message that are invalid.

2.0. 240 - 21/07/2010

New Build for Live on Web

2.0. 242 - 30/07/2010

Addition to Exchange Provider to Expose IsPrivate Flag for Appointments, Tasks and Contacts.

2.0. 244 - 08/08/2010

FIX: for DBNull.Value error with Xml DataSet provider FIX: for AD Provider MemberOf to return groups from all OU's

2.0. 254 - 11/08/2010

Sets the Working Directory to the Path of the Opened Data Sync Project FIX: to FCompare Disposed Form when running very quick compare FIX: to MapperHelper to only use Included Schema Columns FIX: to Results grid to validate for null collections Change to *.config file to redirect assembly binding.

2.0. 256 - 15/08/2010

Change Database Writer Providers to use MappingHelper Change Integer Parsing/Converting to handle negative numbers.

2.0. 258 - 16/08/2010

FIX: for SyncAgent with Ouvvi and Custom Log Writer FIX: for New Project introduced in 254 FIX: for Error Messages not displaying introduced in 254

2.0. 260 - 17/08/2010

FIX: for SQL Providers to use Schema.GetIncludedColumns() rather than Schema.Map

2.0. 262 - 18/08/2010

FIX: .NET Xml DataSet Writer for B-A sync Change SQL Server Discovery to use background thread Change MappingHelper to Return NULL column rather then Exception when Column cannot be mapped to Destination. Change default fonts.

2.0. 264 - 26/08/2010

FIX: multiple GetDefaultSchema() calls on load. Improve Update Results Grid Change Fonts

2.0. 266 - 13/09/2010

AD Provider MemberOf default to Max Length Multi-Threaded Project Loading in the Background SplashScreen loading on new Thread. Updated Trial Screen Registering License Key no longer closes app. Animated Loading images Recent File List (MRU) Provider settings persistence to pre-populate previous settings.

2.0. 268 - 29/09/2010

FIX: Stat's page updating Add extra Boolean conversions to Type Converter.

2.0. 270 - 01/10/2010

FIX: for Comparing String Data where one side is NULL and the other is just Whitespace.

2.0. 272 - 04/10/2010

Add extra Boolean conversions to Type Converter.

2.0. 274 - 15/10/2010

Added ConfigKey to Project Files and Providers to Support Configuration Change Control in Ouvvi.

2.0. 276 - 18/10/2010

Updated UI Icons

2.0. 282 - 23/11/2010

Now parsing strings from SharePoint to remove "ExternalClass from fields to support SharePoint 2010 syncing to Notes fields of type enhanced editor.

2.0. 284 - 25/11/2010

SharePoint List Wizard now uses ColumnDisplayName to correctly create column names. Change Parsing Strings from SharePoint to Null


2.0. 286 - 10/12/2010

Added warning message to Sync when trying to supply a value of the SharePoint ID column. Added mapping for Float data type in Database Type converter. Change the AD Provider to Call InvokeSet to update property rather than Value.

3.0. 300 - 30/12/2010

Added support for Dynamic Columns from User Code Re-wrote the Map code to prevent Map corruption when updating/refreshing Data Sources Auto-Map function now maps columns that only differ with whitespace.


3.0. 302 - 05/01/2011

New Graphics Changes to the Dynamic Column base interface.

3.0. 304 - 10/01/2011

Added new Actipro Syntax Editor and Intellisense

3.0. 306 - 11/01/2011

Added compile error detection and highlighting.

3.0. 308 - 14/01/2011

Changed DSID to be a Text Hidden Column in SharePoint as a problem with SharePoint 2010. Added Hidden option when creating a new Column on an existing SharePoint list. (so that DSID can be created as a Hidden Text column for SP 2010). Changed AutoMap to only include Standard columns.

3.0. 310 - 20/01/2011

Added a new parameter to the SQL & OLEDB provider to append an ORDER BY option to the query. Changed SharePoint Document Reader/Writer and File System Reader/Writer to better handle missing columns in the Schema such as Length, DateCreated, DateModified.

3.0. 312 - 27/01/2011

Changed MySQL Provider to work with My SQL ODBC Driver version 5.1 Changed AD Provider to support in-app editing of AD Properties to return. (no longer uses file). Changed the Dynamic Columns base class to expose both Reader Objects.

3.0. 318 - 02/02/2011

New Run application, GUI with flow control Create Schedule in Run App Sync SQL Database Wizard in Run App FIX: to SQL 2000 when Database is offline.

3.0. 320 - 04/02/2011

New Help File Changed Access Provider to use Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 under 64 Bit Process.

3.0. 322 - 08/02/2011

2-Way Sync Support in Run Tool via SQL CE 4.0 Database.

3.0. 324 - 14/02/2011

Updated Help File SharePoint List provider can use custom webservice if it's installed to overcome limitations in the MS Web Service. Run Tool opens data sync project if you double click item. Included the 37Signals add-in FIX:ed FX Rate provider on x64.

3.0. 328 - 15/02/2011

New Generic XML File provider Added Import option to Run Tool Added Multiple delete added to Run Tool FIX:ed: Run Tool Close Changed: Default Open action is to open *.dsrun file in Run tool. Updated Help File.

3.0. 330 - 17/02/2011

Updated Help File Added Dynamic Column SharePoint Lookup Helper

3.0. 332 - 19/02/2011

Added Effiproz Data Provider Updated Help File

3.0. 338 - 25/02/2011

Added a new Experimental CRM 4.0 Data Provider

3.0. 344 - 02/03/2011

Added a new Experimental CRM 2011 Data Provider Updated Help File.

3.0. 348 - 11/03/2011

FIXED: an issue connecting to Exchange 2007 Mailbox via Web Services

3.0. 350 - 16/03/2011

FIX: to Dynamic Columns to use Schema Map data type and not property data type. FIX: to Exchange Provider to use ReadOnly Base Class Updated Help File

3.0. 354 - 24/03/2011

Changed CRM/Sharepoint/OData providers to cache there Primary Keys as pass them to the Writer rather than use ___crmID or ___spID Removed the DestRow object from the Engine as it's no longer required.

3.0. 358 - 25/03/2011

Added a WhereFilter option to the SQL providers to allow you to filter the table results whilst keeping write back ability. FIXED: AD Provider to Match DSID if it's a Guid or a String.

3.0. 360 - 29/03/2011

FIXED: BtoA Sync Mode in the Run Tool.

3.0. 362 - 01/04/2011

FIX: for Updating Lookup Columns in CRM 2011

3.0. 364 - 07/04/2011

FIX: for Dynamic Columns incorrectly formatting the Column name to a C# valid Name.

3.0. 366 - 12/04/2011

FIX: for CRM 2011 to specify DateTime.Kind default(UTC) when writing back to CRM. FIX: for Schema Map refresh on Side B to prevent Dynamic Column property corruption.

3.0. 368 - 19/04/2011

Added a project option to disable SSL Certificate Validation Added a new SharePoint provider to handle document meta data updates. Changed Preview Source to reset Text Length to -1 to prevent length validation errors. Depreciated old SharePoint providers Added Caching to the CRM Organisation and Entity Discovery Service.

3.0. 370 - 21/04/2011

Removed the default SSL validator from SharePoint provider, now need to explicitly set the SSL Override FIX: SharePoint DSID updates Improved error reporting from Unique Key validation Changed SharePoint provider in Create SharePoint List Added Create SQL Ce Database Wizard Added Create Xml DataSet Wizard

3.0. 372 - 26/04/2011

Ensured that Dynamic Columns C# name doesn't start with a Digit. Added CopyFiles,DeleteFiles,HttpDownload,Cmd Handlers to the Run Tool.

3.0. 374 - 27/04/2011

Changed Excel Provider to ensure that it has exclusive access to the Excel File before it opens it. FIX: FIX:ed Changing the View Name on the new SharePoint provider.

3.0. 376 - 28/04/2011

Trying to FIX: the Layout on App Startup when Window is Maximized

3.0. 378 - 03/05/2011

FIX: CRM 4.0 & 2011 discovery of ID column name rather than assume it's the entity name. Ensure we get a Data Source Property Grid refresh after loading datasource.

3.0. 380 - 06/05/2011

FIX: CRM 2011 Change EntityName data type to default to System.String. Change CRM 2011 & 4.0 now return more information when Data Type conversion fails. CRM 2011 & 4.0 now support sending FetchXML Query Expression. Change Dynamic Column default code to be simpler by removing Setup.

3.0. 382 - 13/05/2011

FIX: SharePoint Document Library Sync did not handle the path correctly.

3.0. 384 - 23/05/2011

FIX: Exchange WebServices didn't load the mailbox correctly. FIX: 2 Way sync with SharePoint columns of type 0020 failed to setup the CE Database Correctly. Change: Ensure the CE Database it opened with the current culture.

3.0. 386 - 24/05/2011

FIX: Run Tool with more than 1 2-Way Project used the same Database Table Names.

3.0. 388 - 02/06/2011

New Provider for Office 365 SharePoint Online

.0. 390 - 07/06/2011

Clean Up of CRM 4.0 Provider Code via Resharper to isolate occasional "Object Reference" error.

3.0. 392 - 16/06/2011

Change SSL Check to True on Startup so all certificates are trusted by default. Change CRM 4.0 Provider to convert Null Strings to "" when the column does not allow null.

3.0. 394 - 21/06/2011

Change CRM 4.0 Provider to convert more Null values for types when the column does not allow null.

3.0. 396 - 28/06/2011

FIX: Run Tool did not execute updates to SharePoint 365 Online correctly, required a call to ExecuteQuery to populate list meta data.

3.0. 398 - 07/07/2011

FIX: File System to File System Sync did not delete files from the Target.

3.0. 400 - 13/07/2011

FIX: Dynamic Columns under Ouvvi caused a Key problem when loading assemblies.

3.0. 402 - 13/07/2011

FIX: Schema Map did not re-load Columns with Ignore=True

3.0. 404 - 15/07/2011

Added a new Option to the Run Tool to Disable Writing Events to the Windows Event Log

3.0. 406 - 22/07/2011

Change Excel Provider to support Write Back (INSERT & UPDATE) ability to Change the Table Name to a Range, Browse to Change the Path

3.0. 408 - 26/07/2011

FIX: CRM 4.0 FIX:ed returning fields such as NAME, DSC, YOMI, TYPE from Xml Document as there embedded in the Xml Element as attributes.

3.0. 410 - 04/08/2011

FIX: Columns injected via Dynamic Column code use the Length of the source and cannot be overridden causing errors when the source incorrectly returns the length.

3.0. 412 - 19/08/2011

FIX: CRM 2011 provider did not handle Money Type from CRM correctly.

3.0. 414 - 19/08/2011

CHANGE: Changed the behaviour of the "Ignore" Flag in the Schema Map so if it's set and there is a change the value of the column is passed to the update code.

3.0. 416 - 08/09/2011

NEW: Added HTTP File Upload to the Run Tool Steps.

3.0. 418 - 05/10/2011

Changed Exchange Provider to Return Re-occurring Appointments via Calendar View Changed Single User License to Validate Logged On User to prevent a single copy being used for multiple users on the same machine.

3.0. 420 - 25/10/2011

FIX: to Dynamic Columns with Reserved Words. Added All Framework Encodings to CSV Provider

3.0. 422 - 28/10/2011

FIX: CRM 2011 Provider FIX: to return name column values. FIX: FIX: for SharePoint Provider to return List Type when running in Ouvvi/RunTool. New Experimental SharePoint 2010 Client API Provider Encrypt Password on AD Provider Extend Data Interface to include index for attachment support Include FX Rate Provider Include Azure Storage Provider Include Custom Web Service Provider

3.0. 424 - 01/11/2011

Updated AD Provider to allow for any column to be used as a Key FIX:ed issues where some providers had break; instead of throw; on error.

3.0. 426 - 04/11/2011

Added support to be Ouvvi Aware and Save directly back to the Ouvvi Step!

3.0. 428 - 23/11/2011

CRM 4.0 Changes to resolve issues saving Status Codes on salesorder entity.

3.0. 430 - 24/11/2011

CRM 4.0 Changes to resolve Updating Owner. Encrypted Password for CRM 4.0 Encrypted Password for CRM 2011

3.0. 432 - 29/11/2011

New Provider for Adding/Updating Members in a SharePoint Group.

3.0. 434 - 29/11/2011

New Connection Dialog that Filters Providers.

3.0. 436 - 06/12/2011

Support Proxy server with SharePoint Online, 2010 and CRM4.0 providers. Allow user to enter own credentials for Proxy server.

3.0. 438 - 07/12/2011

FIX: DataSyncPassword needed to catch ArthemticException when calling Decrypt.

3.0. 440 - 08/12/2011

FIX: Proxy Configuration on SharePoint Online with TMG FIX: Exchange Contacts and Tasks reading multiple Mailboxes.


3.0. 442 - 04/01/2012

FIX: Tab order on Connection Dialog AD Provider change to allow user to disable parsing of AD Fields

3.0. 444 - 18/01/2012

Added direct lookup Column Support to Data Source A Schema FIX: Dynamic Column Error window highlighting incorrect row Added Column Header Highlight to Compare Results to show columns with changes Added Row Update Count to reflect user settings in Compare Results Ensured that Dynamic Column order matches order of Schema Map. Changed Odbc, OleDb and SQL Server Providers to execute schema column transformations from DataReader rather than in SQL.

3.0. 446 - 20/01/2012

My Birthday!!! Added new Form to Help Debug Issues with Dynamic Columns at runtime. Improved performance of UI by Caching Datasource Schema Info SharePoint Online and Client API now write back new values for DSID.

3.0. 504 - 14/02/2012

Data Sync 2012 - Too many updates to list. (Major change new storage engine to replace .NET DataTable)

3.0. 506 - 15/02/2012

Changes to Exchange Appointment Provider to return full body message FIX: Client API Provider for using Own credentials. FIX: for Error on Start Page when no License Key.

3.0. 508 - 23/02/2012

FIX: File Save SharePoint Title Column Length Issue Default Schema to Include Dynamic Columns

3.0. 510 - 01/03/2012

FIX: Access Provider did not return DBNUll.Value for NULL Parameters in Writer. FIX: DataTableStore handling of NULL Key values when using a composite Key.

3.0. 512 - 01/03/2012

FIX: CRM 4.0 Provider setting custom Status Codes required setting the State Code to the State Code Value.

3.0. 514 - 06/03/2012

FIX: CSV Provider with Dynamic Columns.

3.0. 516 - 16/03/2012

CHANGE: Added CookieContainer to Exchange WebServices Service

3.0. 520 - 29/03/2012

FIX: Excel provider handing of NULL values on writer.

3.0. 522 - 30/03/2012

FIX: SqlCe provider writing strings larger than 4000 characters FIX: CSV Reader using DateFormat string when reading dates. ADDED: List of Date Formats to CSV File Reader.

3.0. 524 - 05/04/2012

FIX: Lookup Columns which NULL Values in the Lookuo ADDED: Wildcard support to CSV File Provider ADDED: Experimental OAuth providers LinkedIn and Xero.

3.0. 526 - 18/04/2012

FIX: SharePoint comparison with '' and NULL values.

3.0. 528 - 24/04/2012

ADDED: RSS Read/Write Provider ADDED: Automation C# Hooks (Beta)

3.0. 532 - 26/04/2012

FIXED: CRM 2011 Provider, Update StateCode, Owner and Status values.

3.0. 534 - 04/05/2012

FIXED: 2-Way Sync when the same item has been updated and deleted on the other side, now verifies that the item still exists for Update and Delete.

3.0. 536 - 14/05/2012

CHANGED: Xml Provider now includes XML Schemas BUG: Ignored Columns returned incorrect index causing application exception. BUG: CRM 2011 mapping entities Lookup that has multiple possible target entities.

3.0. 538 - 17/05/2012

FIXED: 2-Way Sync didn't observe Failure Mode FIXED: 2-Way Sync with String Key Columns couldn't update CE DB. FEATURE: Automation Control via User Code FEATURE: Custom Assemblies (Can now use any .NET Assembly from Dynamic Columns or Automation Code)

3.0. 540 - 17/05/2012

FIXED: Adding new Assembly in UI, updating Code windows referenced assemblies.

3.0. 542 - 22/05/2012

Support for Subscription based Licensing

3.0. 544 - 24/05/2012

FIXED: CRM Adding new phone call records with Regarding Customer

3.0. 548 - 07/05/2012

FIXED: Oracle Provider incorrect parameter. FEATURE: SynchronisationOperation class FEATURE: Obfuscation

3.0. 550 - 07/06/2012

FIXED: Schema Info Panel

3.0. 552 - 12/06/2012

FIXED: Compare byte[] returned Type name.

3.0. 556 - 18/06/2012

FIXED: Startup Crash

3.0. 558 - 19/06/2012

FIXED: MySQL Provider FIXED: Subscription License calling Server Multiple Times FIXED: Preview Schema Map with UnMapped Columns.

3.0. 560 - 20/06/2012

FEATURE: Data Sync Project Data Provider

3.0. 562 - 22/06/2012

FEATURE: Experimental Yammer Data Provider and Yammer Helper Class to send messages to Yammer Feeds.

3.0. 564 - 26/06/2012

UPDATED: Yammer Feed updated UPDATED: Subscription Renewal Process Updated. FEATURE: Json Class

3.0. 566 - 09/07/2012

BUG: Dynamic Columns failed with Hebrew Text. BUG: Twitter Feed failed when same word used in feed item.

3.0. 568 - 16/07/2012

CHANGE: Duplicate Key errors are now allowed however the duplicate rows are excluded and displayed in the preview window. CHANGE: CSV Provider now supports users defining the columns.

3.0. 570 - 24/07/2012

FEATURE: String Helper Extension Methods for Dynamic Columns FIX: CRM 4.0 Error with Column names ending in NAME returning Null Values.

3.0. 572 - 30/07/2012

FIX: Run Tool Loading Handlers (Obfuscated Name error) CHANGE: Lookups no longer Error with Null Key values. FEATURE: Null Data Provider

3.0. 574 - 01/08/2012

FEATURE: New License types Desktop & Server FEATURE: New Auto Mapping Database Support.

3.0. 576 - 10/08/2012

FIX: SharePoint Provider failed to stop reading when DateTimeHandling was Local and Items > Query Limit. CHANGE: CSV Provider defaults to Treat Null and '' as Equal. CHANGE: Massive Library update to support OleDB and SqlClient

3.0. 578 - 14/08/2012

CHANGE: CRM 2011 Support for Federated Office 365 Authentication FIX: Run Tool Run Condition Status

3.0. 580 - 15/08/2012

CHANGE: Removed Default Trial Mode CHANGE: AD Provider can now return byte[]

3.0. 582 - 15/08/2012

FIX: CRM NULL DateTime Value on Update FIX: Xero and LinkedIn Authentication

3.0. 584 - 30/08/2012

FIX: Null Values with XML DataSet Provider. FEATURE: CRM 2011 N:N Provider FEATURE: Merge/Incremental Capability. UPDATE: ScreenConnect Client

3.0. 586 - 31/08/2012

FIX: CRM 2011 N:N Provider FEATURE: AD Provider Creating Users and Contacts in your AD.

3.0. 590 - 03/09/2012

FIX: Composite Key Generation wrongly created duplicate because of concatenation. FIX: SharePoint 2010 ClientAPI UserField[] Types FIX: Source Row/Target Row Identifier Callback.

3.0. 592 - 17/09/2012

FEATURE: Timeout Setting for MS CRM 2011 Providers FIX: FileStore/DataStoreTable fixes from Unit Test of Out-of-band test case.

3.0. 594 - 21/09/2012

FIX: CRM 2011 - Changing Organisation did not work. FIX: CSV Provider now supports Line Breaks in Quoted Strings.

3.0. 596 - 27/09/2012

FIX: Server Based Licensing incorrectly validated user count.

3.0. 598 - 09/10/2012

FEATURE: New Data Sync Data Type string [] FIX: CRM 2011 Support for PartyList types such as To, cc, bcc etc.

3.0. 600 - 10/10/2012

FIX: String to Data Type string [] FIX: Twitter Feed

3.0. 602 - 12/10/2012

FEATURE: CRM 2011 listmember specific writer FEATURE: Start of Localization support FIX: SharePoint 2013 support

3.0. 604 - 15/10/2012

FIX: CRM Quote Entity Customer Field assigning Contact FIX: CRM Quote Entity Customer Field setting Status.

3.0. 606 - 17/10/2012

FIX: Mapping Rules caused error when no Rule was available.

3.0. 608 - 24/10/2012

FIX: Excel Locking source file. FIX: Using byte [] as a Key Column FIX: Duplicate Key Log Message incorrectly used wrong table count CHANGE: Support more Number Styles in default Number Type Conversion

3.0. 610 - 27/10/2012

FIX: CRM Connections Entity

3.0. 612 - 29/10/2012

FIX: SynchronisationOperation Dispose of DataCompare to close Snapshot files.

3.0. 614 - 30/10/2012

FIX: SharePoint connection to FBA change HTTP UserAgent Header

3.0. 616 - 31/10/2012

FIX: Custom Assembly Loading

3.0. 618 - 05/11/2012

FIX: 2 Way Sync for Providers with Extended Identifier Data

3.0. 620 - 06/11/2012

FIX: Lookup Columns with Data source columns of 2 names i.e. SharePoint.

3.0. 622 - 07/11/2012

FIX: Using HTML Encoding in Dynamic Column Code. FIX: Null Provider writing Status FIX: Installer not putting Run Tool on Start Menu MRU. FEATURE: Run Tool Menu Item

3.0. 624 - 26/11/2012

CHANGE: Removed ScreenConnect and replaced with Link to

3.0. 626 - 30/11/2012

FIX: for SharePiint CLient API Multi-Value Lookups FIX: For Version Upgrade Check


3.0. 628 - 10/01/2013

FIX: ODBC/MySQL DateTime Time Element FIX: ntext to nvarchar(max)

3.0. 630 - 18/01/2013

CHANGE: ODATA Provider Clean up and support for Windows Credentials.

3.0. 632 - 25/01/2013

FIX: Project Automation always returning Success==True in End Event. FIX: SharePoint 2013 Authentication, passing specific credentials. CHANGE: OData Provider now supports HTTP Timeout parameter.

3.0. 634 - 28/01/2013

CHANGE: OData to Decode XML Entity Name. CHANGE: Lookups now default to case-insensitive compare.

3.0. 636 - 31/01/2013

FEATURE: Control the UPDATE action via Schema Map settings to enable 2-Way Sync with 2 projects. FIX: SQL Connection Dialog no longer overwrites typed name during discovery. CHANGE: The Startup Assembly Verifier no longer uses encrypted value.

3.0. 638 - 31/01/2013

FIX: CRM Provider to check for Duplicate Key in OptionSet Type Schema Discovery.

3.0. 640 - 08/02/2013

FEATURE: Podio Data Provider

3.0. 642 - 13/02/2013

FIX: CRM 2011 Provider EntityCollection validate "partyid" exists in attribute collection. CHANGE: New Splash Screen for DS 2013.

3.0. 644 - 22/02/2013

CHANGE: Extended the Podio Data provider FIX: Exception in Mapping when 2 columns of same name exist (Dynamic column injection) FEATURE: New data type int[]

3.0. 646 - 08/03/2013

UPDATED: Podio Data Provider FIX: byte [] Data Type conversion FEATURE: Connection Registry FEATURE: Create Excel Data Source FEATURE: Swap Datasource Sides

3.0. 648 - 11/03/2013

UPDATED: Subscription License support FEATURE: ODBC Connections support Connection Registry!

3.0. 650 - 14/03/2013

UPDATED: Version Check call to FIX: Loading Datasource configuration from Run Tool/API Code.

3.0. 652 - 21/03/2013

UPDATED: Podio Items provider updated to support Embed Data Type and extra checks on data load. UPDATED: Json provider default max length now unlimited. UPDATED: Dynamic Columns can now override the Data Load completely.

3.0. 654 - 21/03/2013

UPDATED: Podio Items provider updated to support extra column names and the Display Name. UPDATED: SharePoint CLient API Provider to support setting Lookup Column NULL

3.0. 656 - 21/03/2013

UPDATED: Podio Question Data Type

3.0. 658 - 22/03/2013

UPDATED: Enabled Trial Key Self Service

3.0. 660 - 25/03/2013

UPDATE: SQL Provider now supports Batch operations to improve write performance. UPDATE: Re-worked core engine to reduce memory requirement on V.Large tables. UPDATE: Podio App Discovery now checks for Duplicates. UPDATE: DataTableStore preserve's int type for Key column value rather than convert to string.

3.0. 662 - 25/03/2013

UPDATE: Podio Items provider now Authenticates as the APP.

3.0. 668 - 26/03/2013

UPDATE: Podio Items provider can now automatically link Category/Question Text values to ID numbers UPDATE: Podio App ID Authentication FEATURE: Podio Schema Data Provider.

3.0. 670 - 26/03/2013

UPDATE: Podio OAuth changed to use a single window.

3.0. 672 - 05/04/2013

CODE: Branched to ds3 since ds4 is now in development on Trunk. UPDATE: Podio provider can now switch between App and Client authentication UPDATE: Podio provider sometimes throws a unique key exception in Add items.

3.0. 676 - 09/04/2013

FEATURE: Podio Members Provider to Sync Members between spaces. UPDATE: Podio Items provider update to better handle dependencies sync as Date Start and End. UPDATE: CRM 2011 Handle ParentIDTypeCode explicitly.

3.0. 678 - 10/04/2013

UPDATE: Podio Error Messages from Response are now added to Log UPDATE: Podio Members added Message option.

3.0. 680 - 23/04/2013

General tidy up for Release New Eval License Provider limited to 100 changes Handle Column Type Errors with SharePoint Client API Provider Report Http Response Errors with OData Provider.

3.0. 682 - 26/04/2013

FEATURE: PODIO Merge Reader UPDATE: SharePoint Client API Date Handling UTC vs Local UPDATE: SharePoint Online 365 Date Handling UTC vs Local

3.0. 684 - 26/04/2013

FIX: CRM 2011 When user creates a Lookup column using the CRM Convention of projectcode if the data typ eid Guid return the Id rather than Logical name.

3.0. 686 - 26/04/2013

FIX: Eval Provider failed to update new license.

3.0. 688 - 30/04/2013

FIX: CRM 4.0 Provider Customer Data Type to support Account or Contact Entity Type.

3.0. 690 - 01/05/2013

FIX: CSV Files with no headers, caused errors when map changed.

3.0. 692 - 07/05/2013

UPDATE: CRM 2011 Provider uses cache and connection proxy to speed up connections with CRM.

3.0. 694 - 09/05/2013

UPDATE: Registry Files are checked for in Project Directory and Registry Folder UPDATE: CRM 2011 OptionSets return OptionSet ID if no Name exists. UPDATE: Create SQL Table uses varbinary(MAX) on byte [] and sets newid() DEFAULT on Guid PK.

3.0. 696 - 13/05/2013

FIX: CRM 2011 Setting Owner to Team FIX: CRM Ignoring NULL Owner UPDATE: CRM 2011 Ignoring overridencreatedon on UPDATE UPDATE: Handle Duplicate Lookup Connection Names.

3.0. 698 - 14/05/2013

FEATURE: Calculated Columns FIX: Slow Loading Registry Form

3.0. 700 - 15/05/2013

FEATURE: Added lots of Calculated Column Functions.

3.0. 702 - 15/05/2013

FEATURE: Added more Calculated Column Functions.

3.0. 704 - 16/05/2013

FEATURE: Calculated Columns Intellisense.

3.0. 706 - 20/05/2013

UPDATED: Calculated Columns

3.0. 708 - 22/05/2013

UPDATED: Calculated Columns with new Functions LOOKUPA, LOOKUPB to enable complex LOOKUPS into Source and TARGET Systems.

3.0. 710 - 28/05/2013

FIX: Podio Provider got stuck when filtering results.

3.0. 712 - 31/05/2013

FIX: XML DataSet Provider updating records where the Key is a String that contains a Quote. UPDATE: AD Provider formats SID as a String and SidHistory as String [] UPDATE: CRM N:N Provider allows you to select the Relationship Reference Type UPDATE: Calculated Column Functions UPDATE: Calculated Columns returns correct formatted Field Names

3.0. 714 - 06/06/2013

UPDATE: Dynamic Column Functions FIX: CRM 2011 Provider closing incident FIX: Podio creating choice item with no value.

3.0. 716 - 07/06/2013

FIX: SharePoint Client API Provider using Filtered View did not always return filtered results.

3.0. 718 - 12/06/2013

UPDATE: SharePoint Federation Support for 365. FIX: Podio Members Project Loading Issue. UPDATE: Removed Dynamic Columns and Automation Windows by Default.

3.0. 720 - 13/06/2013

UPDATE: Xml and Csv providers now accept wildcard file patterns. UPDATE: Map behaviour to better support typical use cases. UPDATE: NULL Provider to expose a Properties Collection. UPDATE: CRM 2011 contains a reference list of default maps to reduce number of columns loaded in map by default.

3.0. 722 - 14/06/2013

FIX: Handle Startup Error when the Layout file is corrupt. UPDATE: Pass the SQL CommandTimeout parameter to the SQL Writer Class.

3.0. 724 - 18/06/2013

UPDATE: CRM, SharePoitn and AD can now update Username & Password FEATURE: New Checkboxes on Datasource Windows to support simpler Mapping.

3.0. 726 - 19/06/2013

UPDATE: Reworked the Connection Registry System.

3.0. 728 - 15/07/2013

FEATURE: Support multiple execution Threads for CRM Online/On-Premise per Server Edition License.

3.0. 730 - 15/07/2013

FIX: Explicit dispose of Lookup Data Connections FIX: Registry Update Locking and Check during Project Load.

3.0. 732 - 18/07/2013

FIX: Performance of LOOKUPA/B Functions FIX: GC Collection of LOOKUPA/B dscache files.

3.0. 734 - 19/07/2013

FIX: Loading Datasource When KEY is Int32 and Values are NULL. UPDATE: CRM 2011 Threaded Provider return Response Fault Messages.

3.0. 736 - 25/07/2013

FEATURE: Podio Items Provider adds Createdon updated on fields. FEATURE: Subscription Provider Defaults to 4 Max Threads.

3.0. 738 - 26/07/2013

FIX: CRM Threaded Provider Settings Status Code FIX: CEM Threaded Provider Reading Picklist from multiple Threads FIX: CSV Loading File with no directory FIX: Multiple Dynamic Columns Windows FIX: Startup Failure with Invalid License Document.

3.0. 740 - 16/08/2013

CHANGE: DEFAULT Max Threads to 16 for Server and Subscription License FIX: CSV Provider could hang if invalid format with broken Quotes. FIX: SQL Quickstart to Validate Table names for Valid Filename.

3.0. 742 - 28/08/2013

FIX: Multiple Columns in Data Sync now works with 1000 columns FIX: Create SharePoint List failed to connect to List FIX: Access Lookup Column Fields from Dynamic Column.

3.0. 744 - 11/09/2013

UPDATED: Trial Dialog FIX: Support for 1000+ Columns in View FIX: Color coding for missing CC Columns UPDATED: Max Threads now 16.

3.0. 746 - 19/09/2013

CHANGE: Trial Licensing to have a basic free use mode with no save or open.

3.0. 748 - 20/09/2013

FIX: Saving Exchange Projects without Password.

3.0. 750 - 27/09/2013

FEATURE: Incremental Sync Mode for SQL, ODBC, OleDB, Podio, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online, CRM 2011 FEATURE: Podio Connect to a View FEATURE: Write Datasource Columns to Project File.

3.0. 752 - 27/09/2013

CHANGE: Set Max Threads to 128 to support max through-put against CRM Online 2013

3.0. 754 - 25/10/2013

FEATURE: SQL Data Provider to Support Blob Interface to Transfer Blob data behind the scenes.

3.0. 756 - 30/10/2013

FIX: 2-Way Sync and nvarchar(max) changed to ntext.

3.0. 758 - 10/11/2013

FIX: Podio Views with the Same Name.

3.0. 762 - 15/11/2013

CHANGE: SQL Provider to use DataSchemaItemInvariant to improve performance on Writer. CHANGE: CSV Provider to use DataSchemaItemInvariant to improve performance on Writer. CHANGE: XML DataSet Provider to Read Multiple Tables and Write Plan XML without Schema FEATURE: CC can now Access Project Properties and Datasource Settings FEATURE: Add Podio item_app_id and item_app_id_formatted FEATURE: XML DaatSet Provider to read multiple XML Documents CHANGE: CRM to Ignore importsequencenumber on UPDATE.

3.0. 764 - 18/11/2013

FIX: CSV Writer and Data Type DateTime on Writer FIX: XML Writer.

3.0. 766 - 19/11/2013

CHANGE: CSV Provider does not support Line Wrapping when EnableQuotedStrings is False.

3.0. 768 - 20/11/2013

FIX: Podio Deleted Fields from App.

3.0. 770 - 21/11/2013

FEATURE: Ouvvi Cloud Save Support FIX: Problem with RecentFilesList hanging app start-up.

3.0. 774 - 27/11/2013

FEATURE: Cloud Service Licensing FEATURE: Cloud based Metering FIX: SharePoint ClientAPI Lookups with User objects. FIX: SQL Server and NULL valued columns.

3.0. 778 - 04/12/2013

FIX: CRM 2011/2013 Null Column from Meta Data FIX: Lookups from Local Registry File FEATURE: Create Simego Online Cloud List FEATURE: Simego Online Web List Provider

3.0. 780 - 06/12/2013

FIX: Oracle Byte [] and Guids CHANGE: WebStore EndPoints

3.0. 782 - 11/12/2013

UPDATED: WebStore Performance and Filter Capability

3.0. 784 - 13/12/2013

UPDATED: Cloud Endpoint

3.0. 786 - 23/12/2013

UPDATED: Cloud License catch Exception from Invalid XML Document UPDATED: Email Provider to output EML or MSG formats.

3.0. 788 - 31/12/2013

UPDATED: Web Store Provider to Discover Workstreams UPDATED: CSV Provider to Support Basic Auth over Http.


3.0. 790 - 07/01/2014

MAJOR: Clean up and general tidy of code-base moving everything over to 2014 release. FEATURE: Run Tool Online Action to Run Project Online

3.0. 792 - 10/01/2014

UPDATE: Metering Event in SyncOperation.

3.0. 794 - 13/01/2014

UPDATE: CRM 2011 Setting Business Unit on systemuser record.

3.0. 796 - 16/01/2014

UPDATE: SharePoint Client Libraries to support reading Managed Meta Data Columns UPDATE: Email Provider to Read Sent Items

3.0. 798 - 24/01/2014

UPDATE: CSV Provider to support FTP

3.0. 800 - 03/02/2014

UPDATE: Podio Provider to support new API from Podio for faster read operations. UPDATE: Revet SharePoint Client Libraries because they broke more features.... FEATURE: New Server Explorer feature to make connections faster through drag and drop.

3.0. 802 - 06/02/2014

FIX: SharePoint, CRM, Podio, SQL Server, WebStore config UI issues with Registry Config View.

3.0. 804 - 18/02/2014

FIX: WebStore LOOKUPA/B Functions FEATURE: Intercom Data Provider and Source Code UPDATE: CRM Incremental Mode to configure max size of chunk requested.

3.0. 806 - 18/02/2014

FIX: 2Way Sync, Memory Deallocation broke 2-Way Sync.

3.0. 808 - 19/02/2014

FEATURE: Create a new Data Provider Template VS Project.

3.0. 810 - 20/02/2014

UPDATE: Update of Data Provider Template VS Project.

3.0. 812 - 26/03/2014

UPDATE: AD Provider updated to improve performance and ADD/DELETE operations FEATURE: CRM Tools Create Entity FEATURE: CRM Option Set Provider UPDATE: CRM Export SQL Schema to remove NOT NULL.

3.0. 814 - 02/04/2014

FEATURE: Preview on Data Libabry Connections FEATURE: Browse Options Sets FEATURE: SQL CE Library and Create SQL CE Database FEATURE: MS ACCESS Library and Create MS Access Database UPDATE: XML Dataset Provider option to save Schema Information UPDATE: WebStore support for SQL View response without WS_ID.

3.0. 816 - 03/04/2014

REGRESSION: Create VS Project Menu Item missing.

3.0. 818 - 10/04/2014

FEATURE: Ability to modify Schema Map at runtime via Project Automation.

3.0. 820 - 15/04/2014

FEATURE: 32/64 Bit Helper Applications for Ouvvi Execution FEATURE: CRM Publish Customizations Request Function

3.0. 822 - 16/04/2014

CHANGE: Support setting "Sync" flag of Compare Result from Project Automation.

3.0. 824 - 24/04/2014

FIX: LOOKUPA/B Functions with Providers that use DisplayName. FIX: Lookup with Array Types not links ok when the item returns a single key value. FIX: Project Load when there is an error continues to Load and displays error.

3.0. 826 - 01/05/2014

UPDATE: SOAP Web Service Provider to support Credentials and better Handing of Server Response UPDATE: ODATA Provider to allow setting the Version Header for CRM 2013 Server UPDATE: PODIO Provider creating HyperLink Field Types UPDATE: SharePoint Navigator catching error during site load.

3.0. 830 - 14/05/2014

FEATURE: Compiled to single exe for XCOPY deployment

3.0. 834 - 20/05/2014

FIX: PODIO User Agent string change. FIX: PODIO Date only Columns CHANGE: Runtool to run as Console App by default CHANGE: Runtool to not load windows app in execute mode. FIX: CSV throw exception if file not found. CHANGE: Added a AfterCompare Automation Event.

3.0. 836 - 03/06/2014

CHANGE: AD Provider to support Account Expires through special case conversion. CHANGE: CRM 2011 Force Load of Proxy.dll for Automation Code. FEATURE: License Type for Simego Online Azure Server Install.

3.0. 838 - 23/06/2014

REMOVED: Simego Online License Type CHANGE: Allow the Primary Key column in Dynamic Columns CHANGED: Updated Azure Blob Provider to support referencing self.

3.0. 844 - 26/06/2014

CHANGE: Licensing to download a License Policy from servers.

3.0. 846 - 30/06/2014

CHANGE: Podio Provider stop Conversion of Timezone when Field is DateOnly.

3.0. 848 - 03/07/2014

FEATURE: Build button for Calculated Columns FEATURE: Build Exception Source Code form. FEATURE: Filter Expression Input FEATURE: Mapping rules to support, Project Properties, Data Source Collections, Calculated Columns, Filter UPDATE: RSS Provider to support Navori UPDATE: Mapping Rules for Navoiri

3.0. 850 - 04/07/2014

UPDATE: CRM 2011/2013 Performance changes to adapt to 2013 changes better.

3.0. 852 - 07/07/2014

REGRESSION: Dynamic Columns BeginRow() was not called.

3.0. 854 - 07/07/2014

FEATURE: CRM 2011/2013 Fetch Xml Provider FEATURE: FormatXml function on MultiLineEditor FEATURE: Open File function on MultiLineEditor

3.0. 858 - 08/07/2014

REGRESSION: Loading of Custom Assemblies failed. REGRESSION: Incremental Load of CRM failed when cancellation delegate was null.

3.0. 862 - 18/07/2014

FIX: Schema Map loading after failed connection to preserve mappings. FEATURE: Data Sync can open *.dssub file to install license key. CHANGE: Removal of Datasource Columns List in Project file for local files ... Ouvvi Files still contain Columns Collection for future features. CHANGE: CRM 4.0 Sort order in Connection Dialog. FIX: Refesh Datasource with Dynamic Columns disappearing.

3.0. 864 - 22/07/2014

CHANGE: Removed the Merge Provider Option FEATURE: Added Server Initiated Trial License

3.0. 866 - 25/07/2014

UPDATED: Added Server Initiated Trial License FIX: Run Tool with & in path.

3.0. 870 - 01/08/2014

FIX: Dynamic Code Assembly generation to only include valid types and not previously generated assemblies. FIX: Re-use compiled assembly to prevent Ouvvi memory growing.

3.0. 872 - 11/08/2014

BUG: Exchange Reader under Ouvvi failure.

3.0. 876 - 13/08/2014

BUG/FEATURE: CRM2011/2013 When a CRM EntityReference Column ends with "name" and the Data Type is Guid return the Id otherwise return the name.

3.0. 878 - 20/08/2014

BUG: Fixed small issues reported, Saving empty project, scroll position in treeview, map refresh loosing map, schema window activation. CHANGE: Podio to strip out start and end

tags from string values.

3.0. 880 - 29/08/2014

BUG: Catch Exception in RegistryProvider when file is corrupt! CHANGE: Remove HTTP Proxy and use config settings.

3.0. 882 - 08/10/2014

CHANGE: ReadWrite property of IDataSourceReader is now obsolete use NullDataSourceWriter instead. CHANGE: SQL Server Provider now accepts Stored Procedures with the EXEC syntax (read-only) CHANGE: OData provider accepts custom HTTP Headers. CHANGE: Podio to use Date UTC field values. CHANGE: Podio automatically convert external_id to string in Incremental. CHANGE: Podio test for Column name in Schema and report error if missing.

3.0. 884 - 09/10/2014

CHANGE: Improve SP detection to allow for SQL Script. FIX: CRM OptionSets support Global Option Sets.

3.0. 886 - 24/10/2014

FEATURE: CRM FulfillSalesOrderRequest support for Sales order (Note: this will always update DateFulfilled to the current time seems to be an issue with CRM.) FEATURE: DataSyncProject provider to support ability to Split a Column into multiple rows of Data. FEATURE: Added an Exception handler to DataSchemaTypeConverter to display type conversion detail in error message for debugging.

3.0. 888 - 03/11/2014

BUG: CRM campaignlist_association needs to use AddItemCampaignRequest and RemoveItemCampaignRequest FEATURE: SharePoint Documents - You can now adjust the Name of the document by mapping a value to FileLeafRef FEATURE: SharePoint Documents - You can now adjust the Path and Name of the document by mapping a value to FileRef FEATURE: FileSystem provider and now re-write filenames and paths. FEATURE: Email provider now queries Exchange 1 day at a time to build up the list allowing for an export going back months or years.

3.0. 890 - 14/11/2014

BUG: Previewing SharePoint Data from the Connection Library always failed. BUG: SharePoint WebServices converting to String[], int[], byte[]. BUG: WebServices Provider to support Credentials Window Domain and Persist Username. BUG: Added ContentType name back into the SharePoint providers BUG: PreviewA/B on Unmapped Columns caused exception on some providers.

3.0. 892 - 17/11/2014

BUG: PreviewA/B on Unmapped Columns removed Dynamic Columns CHANGE: Change for Licensing to store subscription filename in User Profile path to avoid File IO Permission issues.

3.0. 894 - 20/11/2014

CHANGE: UI Rework to support High DPI Display ensure Forms display correctly and different DPI Settings.

3.0. 896 - 26/11/2014

UPDATE: CRM SDK to Support CRM 2015 (Using the CRM 2013 SDK rather than 2015 since 2015 required .NET 4.5.2) CHANGE: No License Message

3.0. 898 - 04/12/2014

BUG: Dynamics CRM campaignlist_association was sensitive to column names and case. BUG: ODBC and OleDB Lookup Functions did not preserve QuoteStart and QuoteEnd Char and failed based on incorrect Quote character.


3.0. 900 - 05/01/2015

BUG: Podio setting both StartDate and EndDate NULL at the same time. CHANGE: Added Multi line Editor to Podio Members BUG: SharePoint Client API setting DateTime value to NULL CHANGE: Cut&Paste Grids to Include Header

3.0. 902 - 17/03/2015

CHANGE: Cut&Paste Grids to Exclude Header FEATURE: Dynamics CRM to handle email activities without lead/contact/account record and use addressused i.e. addressused| FEATURE: Dynamics CRM to expose SetState and SetOwner helper functions that can be called from Project Automation FEATURE: Compare Mode TargetIsNullOrEmpty added to only update the Target when it's value is empty. FEATURE: Calculated Column Function ISNOTNULL() added. FEATURE: List changed to new List DataCompareColumnItemList with indexer for Name. FEATURE: Internal Column name displayed on Schema Map property window.

3.0. 904 - 07/04/2015

FEATURE: Native support for SQL LocalDB FEATURE: Automation Item events FEATURE: Support for SQL Server Automation Item Events. FEATURE: Support for NULL Writer Automation Item Events.

3.0. 906 - 01/05/2015

FEATURE: Support for Dynamics CRM Items Writer Automation Item Events (Batch==1 only). FEATURE: Dynamics CRM N:N supports batch mode. FEATURE: Dynamics CRM Listmember supports batch mode. FEATURE: Dynamics CRM supports entity image. FEATURE: Dynamics CRM Helper function to Filter based on Modifiedon. CHANGE: Dynamics CRM schema to return statecode as Int. FEATURE: Open XML Data Sync provider for Excel. CHANGE: Data Sync Export Excel and Export results to use Open XML Excel format. CHANGE: Developer Edition can be installed on Windows Server

3.0. 908 - 07/05/2015

FEATURE: Podio supports Automation Item Events FEATURE: OleDB supports Automation Item Events FEATURE: Odbc supports Automation Item Events FEATURE: SQL, OleDB, Odbc Helper Function to write back to Database FEATURE: Podio Helper Function to write back to Podio FEATURE: Cause CRM Proxy cache object to expire after 1 hour.

3.0. 910 - 12/05/2015

FEATURE: ValuesStoreService to store Point-In-Time values in Project Automation.

3.0. 912 - 12/05/2015

BUG: ValuesStoreService Overload not passing default value.

3.0. 914 - 14/05/2015

CHANGE: Register License Form to only display Client-ID if License Key endswith -Q FEATURE: Allow for custom Values Store Service via Environment Variable DATASYNCVALUESSTORESERVICE FEATURE: Implement DeleteValue for Values Store Service CHANGE: Removed the QuickStarts

3.0. 916 - 27/05/2015

BUG: Calling the Authenticate method on the CRM Proxy now errors so removed it.

3.0. 920 - 01/06/2015

BUG: Dynamics CRM N:N returning Guid for owneridtype FEATURE: Dynamic CRM FetchXml provider can use SaveQuery property to load a Saved View from CRM. BUG: Excel OpenXML Provider returns Formula and Data rather than just Data.

3.0. 922 - 02/06/2015

BUG: Dynamics CRM Reader Incremental mode not escaping string values in the FetchXml query.

3.0. 924 - 22/06/2015

FEATURE: Azure Blob Storage upgraded to Azure SDK v3 FEATURE: Azure Table Storage Provider.

3.0. 926 - 30/06/2015

FEATURE: Analysis Provider to Enable Grouping and Summing of Data Set.

3.0. 928 - 01/07/2015

UPDATED: Analysis Provider

3.0. 934 - 13/07/2015

UPDATED: OpenXML Provider to use Invariant Culture in Excel File. FEATURE: Added a FROMEXCELOPENXML function to support Excel via OpenXML. FEATURE: Included Ouvvi build in output install. FEATURE: DataSchemaTypeConverter now accepts Culture as input.

3.0. 936 - 17/07/2015

UPDATED: Drag and Drop CSV file auto detects Separator UPDATED: Export CSV and Excel now uses Schema from Results in output file. UPDATED: Ouvvi updated to include latest changes i.e. Data Sync view.

3.0. 938 - 21/07/2015

FEATURE: New Duplicate Removal Provider UPDATED: Ouvvi updated to include latest changes i.e. Data Sync view.

3.0. 940 - 23/07/2015

UPDATED: Ouvvi to display and allow configuration of Lookup Connections.

3.0. 942 - 28/07/2015

FEATURE: Ability to override Data Sync Password Encryption via Environment Variable DATASYNCENCRYPTX509 with Certificate Details UPDATED: Azure Table Provider to Encrypt the AccessKey, include the Timestamp column, Default value for Partition Key BUG: Stopping data loading not always working. FEATURE: Create Azure Table from Schema Map.

3.0. 944 - 30/07/2015

UPDATED: SharePoint and SharePoint Online to use the updated SharePoint SDK version UPDATED: SharePoint Online now uses the Authentication Helper in the Updated SDK. BUG: SharePoint Providers to use Paging when obtaining Lookup Items from related List.

3.0. 946 - 05/08/2015

FEATURE: Opening DSCONN file imports the connection file and saves it in the connection library. UPDATE: Opening a CSV File now opens the File for ReadOnly by default. UPDATE: CSV File to suppress Quotes when NULL or Empty FEATURE: Opening an Ouvvi 2.5 project now also links the Connection Library to the Ouvvi Server Connection Library. UPDATE: GroupBy Analysis Provider to allow Grouping of NULL values.

3.0. 948 - 19/08/2015

FEATURE: SharePoint Client API and Online include a Method to obtain ListItem Attachment URL's and download attachments. UPDATE: OpenXml Xml Valid Characters RegEx Expression. UPDATE: SharePoint Client API and Online to use Double instead of Decimal DataType UPDATE: SharePoint Client API and Online to Convert Currency to Double. UPDATE: License URL to Lowercase

3.0. 950 - 21/08/2015

UPDATED: Ouvvi Data Sync page error.

3.0. 952 - 03/09/2015

BUG: Dynamics CRM with Federated Auth and Incremental Load needs to Authenticate under Ouvvi/Run Tool. FEATURE: Ouvvi provides API Endpoint. UPDATE: Simego Web Store updated to Simego Web API

3.0. 954 - 15/09/2015

BUG: Podio Members and Contacts writer on ADD included the Identifier Index which causes an exception.

3.0. 956 - 21/09/2015

FEATURE: AmazonS3 Provider UPDATE: Removed Simego.DataSync.dll from resources to reduce the total file size. UPDATE: Removed the Add-in installer

3.0. 958 - 22/09/2015

FEATURE: AD Provider to support Item Change Events in Project Automation, Allows for setting Account Passwords etc.

3.0. 960 - 23/09/2015

BUG: AD Provider under Ouvvi/Run Tool requires explicit load of System.DirectoryServices to support new Automation Events.

3.0. 962 - 08/10/2015

FEATURE: Ouvvi includes a Values Service to retrieve values from the User Setting Store. BUG: Ouvvi Setting Connection Library connections on Odd connection did not apply. FEATURE: AmazonS3, FileSystem, SharePoint2010, SharePoint Online, OData, AzureBlobs all support Item Events. BUG: Loading DS Connections from Current Path CHANGE: Prevent Connection Library reload on New Project CHANGE: Reduce Screen Redraw on Startup page FEATURE: Redirect Values Service URL in Project File

3.0. 964 - 12/10/2015

BUG: Ouvvi Install didn't update the DB Schema version number on initial DB Create.

3.0. 966 - 13/10/2015

BUG: Loading Data Sync Connection files from Ouvvi with a Space in the Name. BUG: Saving Podio connection files can create a File conflict on Save. UPDATE: Ouvvi 2.5.346 UPDATE: Added CC Functions STARTSWITH and ENDSWITH

3.0. 968 - 21/10/2015

FEATURE: New AutoMapper feature for automatically creating the Schema Map.

3.0. 970 - 06/11/2015

BUG: XML DataSet Writer updating columns with different Schema Naming. BUG: SharePoint URL Field Type would not update with Description value. BUG: Ouvvi adding Assembly to move DB operations outside of Impersonation Section. UPDATE Ouvvi 2.5.348

3.0. 972 - 23/11/2015

BUG: CRM FetchXml using Aliased Aggregate Functions in FetchXML. BUG: Ouvvi showing Project when Connection Library item not found. BUG: Ouvvi uploading Connection Library File. BUG: Ouvvi OData Trigger to add trailing / if necessary.
BUG: Ouvvi OData Trigger to be case-insensitive on Column Name. UPDATE: Ouvvi CRM Trigger updated to call Data Sync to get Entity last change via SDK and support CRM Online. FEATURE: Ouvvi Copy Trigger function. FEATURE: Added GetEntityLastChanged helper function to Data Sync for Ouvvi to call. UPDATE Ouvvi 2.5.350

3.0. 974 - 07/12/2015

FEATURE: SQLClient Connector FEATURE: Convert DateTimeOffset to DateTime UPDATE: Add Proxy Timeout to Threaded Connection BUG: Azure File Upload without DS fields crashed.


3.0. 976 - 19/01/2016

UPDATE: Podio Provider to support new Email and Phone field types.

3.0. 978 - 18/02/2016

UPDATE: Ouvvi Release 2.5.354 UPDATE: Set ActualEnd on FulfilSalesOrderRequest BUG: Checked for Null in SharePoint FieldUrl DataType UPDATE: Podio Support for Location Field Type

3.0. 980 - 19/02/2016

UPDATE: Ouvvi Release 2.5.356

3.0. 982 - 03/03/2016

BUG: Exchange provider when Appointments has a duplicate key value threw exception. BUG: AsDataTableSchema() did not create Composite Key and failed on Data Load. FEATURE: When Trial Ends Data Sync can still be used in Design Mode and basic providers ie SQL/CSV etc will still work. FEATURE: Data Sync now uses a Claims model in the License to grant access to certain providers. FEATURE: IDataSourceLookupIncremental to support LOOKUP(A/B)INCREMENTAL for SQL and Dynamics CRM.

3.0. 984 - 04/03/2016

UPDATE: Replaced the Linq Chunk method for a custom method based on an Array, improved SQL Insert performance by 2000% insert 1M rows in 8 Min. UPDATE: Changed Incremental load Parallel methods to use no more than 8 threads.

3.0. 986 - 15/03/2016

UPDATE: Ouvvi Log to show related logs per project when spanning projects in a single instance. UPDATE: Ouvvi Release 2.5.358 UPDATE: Performance update for SQL Server includes a Transaction option. UPDATE: Providers now clear Sync Flag when row has been committed, allowing for re-start without compare. UPDATE: Dynamics CRM Parallel load now does not re-cycle ThreadPool as unnecessary. UPDATE: SharePoint Federated option, refreshes rtFa Cookie on project open. UPDATE: Improved SQL Insert performance Insert 1M rows over network in 70 seconds ~14000/Sec, local machine 1M rows 21 seconds ~45000/Sec.

3.0. 988 - 17/03/2016

BUG: CRM Incremental Lookup with NULL condition was not creating the correct FetchXml.

3.0. 990 - 22/03/2016

UPDATE: Ouvvi to extract ColumnDisplayNameA/B from Data Sync Schema Map. UPDATE: Ouvvi Release 2.5.360 BUG: Null provider output ConfigKey in dsprj file during save. FEATURE: Added Open in VS Code context option on Start Page.

3.0. 992 - 30/03/2016

  • BUG: SharePoint/SharePointOnline with LOOKUPA/B when ColumnName<>ColumnDisplayName
  • BUG: Dynamics CRM GetLastChange method with CRM2011 (CRM2011 doesn't support Aggregate of DateTime)
  • BUG: Amazon S3 Custom DateTime Metadata fields are now lower case.
  • FEATURE: New Text Provider that returns Lines for use with Calculated Columns
  • FEATURE: New SUBSTR function
  • FEATURE: New NEWGUID(int) function to create predictable GUID from Integer
  • OUVVI: Release 2.5.362

3.0. 994 - 01/04/2016

  • FEATURE: SharePoint Helper for Lists and Webs WebService Endpoints
  • FEATURE: Changed DataSchemaItemInvariant to no longer require Source and TargetIdentitfier Indexes
  • FEATURE: Schema Map automatically converts int->guid.
  • FEATURE: Changed Thread Lock to the FileRepository Store.
  • OUVVI: Release 2.5.364

3.0. 996 - 07/04/2016

  • BUG: Email Provider was erroring with Exchange Online when the Day == Today.

3.0. 1000 - 21/04/2016

  • FEATURE: .NET Framework Bumped to v4.6.1
  • FEATURE: CRM SDK Bumped to v8.0.2
  • FIX: CRM Online Authentication with new SDK.
  • FEATURE: Save Change Set to XML DataSet
  • FEATURE: Cancel Sync from Automation without Error.
  • GENERAL: Clean up of Code to remove Compiler Warnings and Messages.
  • FEATURE: Added GetDataSourceA/B() to Dynamic Columns to return a Typed DataSource object.

3.0. 1002 - 17/05/2016

  • FEATURE: New Data Types Date, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, JArray, JToken, XElement,
  • FEATURE: SharePoint 2016 Authentication
  • FEATURE: Podio to output API Limits and Request Id in Error message
  • BUG: SQL Server Update with Blob column in Batch Mode

3.0. 1004 - 20/05/2016

  • BUG: Dynamics CRM when BatchSize>1 did not return errors when the request to CRM failed.
  • FEATURE: Dynamics CRM improved Logging to output Request information before Exception message to Log.
  • FEATURE: TotalErrors property added to ProjectAutomation End Event

3.0. 1006 - 24/05/2016

  • FEATURE: SMTP Provider to send bulk Email.
  • FEATURE: Email provider to allow selection of Mailbox.
  • FEATURE: Added Project Name to Project Automation
  • FEATURE: Added Alt+C shortcut for new Calculated Column
  • FEATURE: Added a SendEmail helper method to Project Automation
  • UPDATE: Ouvvi release 2.5.372

3.0. 1008 - 25/05/2016

  • FEATURE: HttpWebRequestHelper to help building Rest based Clients.
  • FEATURE: Null and Smtp Provider to allow for custom Data Load in Project Automation.

3.0. 1010 - 27/05/2016

  • UPDATED: HttpWebRequestHelper to help building Rest based Clients.
  • FEATURE: Override Writer on Null provider in Project Automation
  • UPDATED: WebStore to use new HttpWebRequestHelper

3.0. 1012 - 01/06/2016

  • UPDATED: HttpWebRequestHelper to help building Rest based Clients.
  • CHANGE: CRM to re-write Organisation Service URL when using FQDN.
  • BUG: Data Sync UI to use IgnoreCase in preview if set in Properties

3.0. 1014 - 03/06/2016

  • FEATURE: Static Datasource Provider
  • FEATURE: Extended IDataSourceReader to support new Methods to load and save XML Element in the Project File.
  • UPDATED: Updated the Template Provider Project to use the new Helper Delegates

3.0. 1016 - 09/06/2016

  • UPDATED: Null provider now supports a default Http Rest style Behaviour
  • UPDATED: HttpRequestHelper to include a default Table Fill method.

3.0. 1018 - 27/06/2016

  • UPDATED: New CRM Request Logging, to Truncate Long Strings to 100 chars and allow the user to disable the Output via OnErrorOutputRequestDetails property.
  • UPDATED: Allow calling SynchronisationOperation from Automation Code
  • UPDATED: Helper functions for Set and Get Project Property in Automation Code.

3.0. 1020 - 30/06/2016

  • CHANGE: Podio Auth Token to be refreshed when less than 1 hour left.

3.0. 1022 - 25/07/2016

  • FEATURE: New Connection Dialog
  • FEATURE: SQLite Provider
  • UPDATE: Podio fix to break loop when Podio incorrectly returns the total number of items.

3.0. 1024 - 27/07/2016

  • UPDATE: Exchange Appointments provider to enumerate Exchange Folders to locate Calendar ID.

3.0. 1026 - 01/08/2016

  • UPDATE: Exchange Email Update to extract Plain and Html Message Parts directly from Mime Message Content.

3.0. 1028 - 17/08/2016

  • UPDATE: Added a DesignRuntime License check mode.
  • UPDATE: FileSystem Provider to support windows Wildcard Filters.
  • UPDATE: Simego Online Support to Open and Save Projects
  • UPDATE: Simego Online WebStore API
  • FEATURE: Amazon S3 in Server Explorer

3.0. 1030 - 01/09/2016

  • UPDATE: OUVVI update to v2.5.374
  • UPDATE: OUVVI Supports default install with NETWORK SERVICE account.
  • UPDATE: Update to support running in AWS Marketplace
  • UPDATE: FileSystem Provider to use FullPath in Ignore Pattern Rules
  • UPDATE: AWS S3 Provider to support IAM Roles
  • UPDATE: Fix Provider Recent Changes
  • FEATURE: Create Ouvvi Tenant Folder Function
  • UPDATE: Fix for GetLookupValue with Composite Key
  • UPDATE: Added Avatar, Location and Last_Seen_On fields to Podio Members provider.
  • FIX: SQL & SQL Client Provider SQL Authentication option always disabled in new connection dialog.

3.0. 1032 - 06/09/2016

  • UPDATE: OUVVI update to v2.5.376
  • UPDATE: OUVVI merges conenction library on server when downloading project file.
  • UPDATE: Amazon S3 and Azure show Connection Library setting in properties window.
  • UPDATE: Data Sync now throws error if connection library has no configuration parameters during load.

3.0. 1034 - 07/09/2016

  • UPDATE: Added the AWS Product Code

3.0. 1036 - 08/09/2016

  • OUVVI Update 2.5.378
  • OUVVI Connection Library Loading from URL issue.

3.0. 1038 - 12/09/2016

  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Threaded Writer sometimes sent multiple Update messages for same item.

3.0. 1040 - 29/09/2016

  • UPDATE: Dynamics CRM SDK Version to 8.1.0
  • FEATURE: Amazon AWS SimpleDB Provider
  • FEATURE: Added SchemaMap to Project Automation
  • UPDATE: Support for Customer Data Type in CRM 2016 Update 1
  • UPDATE: Developer Edition can only run Interactively.

3.0. 1042 - 03/10/2016

  • UPDATE: Ouvvi support for new Data Sync Data Types
  • UPDATE: Ouvvi Version 2.5.380

3.0. 1044 - 17/10/2016

  • UPDATE: UI Refresh
  • FIX: Podio Lookups to use View
  • FIX: SharePoint Client API to catch base Exception Class

3.0. 1046 - 08/11/2016

  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Queue Provider
  • FIX: CSV provider setting to not write header on output file.
  • CHANGE: Removal of auto-trial mode.
  • FIX: Loading a project when Calculated Columns depend on code in Dynamic Columns.
  • UPDATE: Ouvvi Version 2.5.382

3.0. 1048 - 16/11/2016

  • FIX: SharePoint Client API provider to ensure that System.Web.Services assembly is loaded for Project Automation and Dynamic Columns
  • UPDATE: Changed the Connect Data Source panel.

3.0. 1050 - 29/11/2016

  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Setting Customer Field on Create via Dynamic Column that depends on other column.

3.0. 1052 - 01/12/2016

  • FIX: Project Datasource Schema Cache Null Column Setting
  • FIX: Occasional crash in Project Automation and Dynamic Columns designer windows.

3.0. 1054 - 15/12/2016

  • FEATURE: Dynamics CRM Method on Data Reader to start Workflow.
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM check if Entity Column exists in EntityMetadata Dictionary.
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM check if Picklist Column exists in Picklist Dictionary.
  • FIX: SQLCeWriter to use DbTransation and DbConnection to avoid assembly load exception.


3.0. 1056 - 31/01/2017

  • FIX: Odbc Provider to support Date DateType
  • FIX: LOOKUPA/B Functions to use case-insensitive columne name match
  • FIX: Excel Change Set export error when using Dyanmic Columns in Schema Map

3.0. 1058 - 01/02/2017

  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Design-Time License Grant.

3.0. 1060 - 03/03/2017

  • FEATURE: SynchronisationOperation returns information about the Sync Operation
  • FEATURE: Check Identifiers when using DataStoreTableRow.Add
  • FEATURE: OData 4.0 Provider
  • FEATURE: New Debug option for custom providers via -debug commandline option
  • FEATURE: New Changeset Serializer for Ouvvi v3

3.0. 1062 - 10/03/2017

  • FEATURE: New Blue Theme
  • FEATURE: SQLite Writer
  • FIX: Lookup Drag and Drop Target Checks
  • FIX: Trace.WriteLine in Dynamic Columns

3.0. 1064 - 17/03/2017

  • FEATURE: Theme support via ApplicationSettings file
  • FEATURE: OData v4 provider updated

3.0. 1066 - 21/03/2017

  • FIX: Minor updates to OData provider
  • FEATURE: Writer Helper function(s) to convert changeset item to Dictionary<string, object>
  • FEATURE: Updated the Default Custom Provider Writer Implementation to use the new AddItemToDictionary and UpdateItemToDictionary methods.

3.0. 1068 - 28/03/2017

  • FEATURE: Open Ouvvi Project with Azure AD credentials
  • FIX: Change how OData Token is validated

3.0. 1070 - 26/04/2017

  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Sign-in Changes
  • FIX: SQL Client provider using Stored Procs
  • FIX: Crash when WebException stream cannot be read.
  • FIX: Window Start Position for Multiple Monitors
  • FIX: Splash Screen hiding when opening Ouvvi Project

3.0. 1072 - 17/05/2017

  • FEATURE: Inject ValuesStore Service
  • CHANGE: Detect Auth Type from Ouvvi v3
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Incremental Load with Multiple Threads and OptionSets caused Dictionary Key Exception.

3.0. 1090 - 02/08/2017

  • FEATURE: Podio Members supports multiple roles via new Role column.
  • FIX: XML Serialiser for ChangeSet to use InvariantCulture.
  • FEATURE: Email Provider to allow export of PDF attachment document in configuration
  • FIX: OpenXML provider updating Excel when certian columns are NULL.
  • FIX: OpenXML provider inserting columns out of sequence.
  • FEATURE: Added new Rounding Rules to support rounding double/decimal to 6 places in compare engine.
  • FIX: Podio Incremental Sync loading all View Fields.
  • FEATURE: Empty/Null provider to call automation item events.
  • FEATURE: OpenXML support for Blob writer to sync files with SharePoint
  • FEATURE: SharePoint CreateList/CreateColumn changes to support SharePoint Online.
  • FEATURE: FileSystem Provider to support Incremental Load
  • FEATURE: Call Mapping Rule manually.
  • FIX: SharePoint FileRef in Incremental Load
  • FEATURE : Ouvvi Release version 3.0.414

3.0. 1092 - 24/08/2017

  • FEATURE: Duplicate Mode to now have option to remove all Duplicates
  • FEATURE: Show Target Column name in Preview
  • FIX: Preview to call Automation Start()
  • FIX: RemoveWhiteSpace function to work better
  • FIX: Set IsInteractive on Project Load
  • CHANGE: OUVVI performance for GetLastSucessful Run
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Show Duplicate Mode
  • FIX: OUVVI Time Interval Trigger in certian Timezones

3.0. 1094 - 28/08/2017

  • CHANGE: Build for OUVVI deploy on Azure Web Apps

3.0. 1096 - 05/09/2017

  • FEATURE: SharePoint Online Ouvvi Trigger Support.

3.0. 1098 - 15/09/2017

  • FIX: Ouvvi Creating WebAPI Step
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Edit Connections
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Showdown intent API message to speed up service shutdown.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Maintenance Service Auto-Heal Trigger Service
  • CHANGE: Ouvvi Extract DSProject XML from Ouvvi Queue Message
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.422
  • FIX: Cleanup of DSCACHE files
  • FEATURE: Analysis provider support embedded Data Sync project
  • FEATURE: Analysis provider simple create UX
  • FIX: Podio when you have duplicate Space Names
  • FIX: SharePoint Term Store with multiple values.

3.0. 1100 - 02/10/2017

  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.424
  • CHANGE: .NET to version v4.6.2

3.0. 1102 - 06/10/2017

  • FEATURE: HttpWebRequestHelper allows configuration of Encoding for Responses from Server.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.424

3.0. 1104 - 10/10/2017

  • FEATURE: HttpWebRequestHelper Exposes KeepAlive setting.

3.0. 1106 - 20/10/2017

  • FEATURE: Additional Calculated Column functions.
  • FEATURE: Check in Calculated Columns to prevent crash from StackOverflowException

3.0. 1108 - 27/10/2017

  • FEATURE: SQL Server (SQL Client) Options for Encrypt and Trust Server Certificate
  • FIX: Ouvvi Exchange Trigger for when Server Time zone is not UTC.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.428

3.0. 1110 - 06/11/2017

  • FIX: SharePoint WebServices provider crashing Ouvvi occasionally.
  • FIX: SQL Client uploading/downloading Blob images
  • FEATURE: New Ouvvi install option for SQL Express

3.0. 1112 - 14/11/2017

  • FIX: Ouvvi Migration Script to set Queue Name length to 50.
  • FIX: Ouvvi Reporting view with Time zone behind UTC
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.430

3.0. 1114 - 14/11/2017

  • FIX: Build System adding the correct *.config files for Execute32 and Execute64

3.0. 1116 - 01/12/2017

  • FIX: SharePoint Security Groups to enumerate Site rather than Web
  • CHANGE: Removed AWS Marketplace License
  • FIX: Added AuthenticationType.None to CRM Authentication type enumeration to match CRM response.
  • FIX: Connecting to SQL Azure with Connection Library via SQLClient
  • FEATURE: Support Encryption options for SQL Connections
  • FIX: Azure Table storage update item when value is NULL
  • CHANGE: Ouvvi Agent to support different credentials
  • CHANGE: FOREACHFILE handler to support options for Filename or Path
  • CHANGE: Exchange Trigger to support Mailbox option
  • FIX: Ouvvi re-assigning Lookup from Ouvvi UI
  • CHANGE: Support SQL Server Encryption options in Connection Library
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.432

3.0. 1118 - 13/12/2017

  • FIX: CRM Lookups with DateTime in Key Column
  • FIX: Duplicate SQL Connection String Values
  • FIX: Ouvvi DB Schema for StepHistory Table Name column length.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.434

3.0. 1122 - 23/12/2017

  • FIX: SQL Connection String regression connecting to default SQL Server with Integrated Security.
  • FIX: Ouvvi Triggers when SQL Server is in Time zone other than UTC and Ouvvi Time zone is other that UTC.
  • FIX: SharePoint Create List when no Connection Library set
  • FIX: Ouvvi saving ChangeSet reduce message size to 1MB.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.438


3.0. 1128 - 18/01/2018

  • FEATURE: Salesforce Connector
  • FIX: Ouvvi Disable Steps handler broke project by deleting all configuration.
  • FIX: Ouvvi Synchronise Steps returned error when issue fixed in retry.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Salesforce Connection
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.440

3.0. 1130 - 09/03/2018

  • CHANGE: Dynamics 365 Calculate the Device Authentication Username a different way to prevent clashes.
  • FEATURE: Dynamics 365 Retry Logic for new API Throttling
  • FEATURE: SharePoint Retry Logic for API Throttling
  • FEATURE: Active Directory support for LOOKUPA/B Functions
  • CHANGE: Allow Loading .NET Assemblies in Install Directory without specifying full path.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.442

3.0.1132 19/03/2018

  • FIX: Ouvvi SharePoint Connection Library caused Error
  • CHANGE: Ouvvi Setup to show DB connection error.
  • CHANGE: Data Sync SQL Client Connector to use SchemaTables to discover Server Databases.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Release 3.0.444

3.0. 1134 10/04/2018

  • FEATURE: Ouvvi 4.0.500
  • FEATURE: Automation new Event ErrorItem
  • FEATURE: New Encryption Key support for Secrets
  • BUG: ValueStoreService was called by SendEmail Automation Method when configured in Properties
  • FEATURE: Encrypt password in SQL Connection strings
  • FEATURE: Force Connection Library to reload on Refresh button click.

3.0. 1136 24/04/2018

  • FEATURE: Support DB Migration from Schema Version 2.10 (DataSync release 3.0.966)
  • FEATURE: Data Sync Dynamics CRM connector to use Organisation Service URL rather than Discovery Service as the Discovery Service is now very SLOW!
  • FEATURE: Data Sync Dynamics CRM connector has new Connection Dialogs.

3.0. 1138 25/04/2018

  • FIX: ODBC Connections where the connection string was modified with incorrect formatting.
  • FIX: ODATA support for Edm.Date format via Simego.DataSync.Date data type.

3.0. 1140 27/04/2018

  • FIX: Creating SharePoint Column was hidden by default.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.506
  • OUVVI: FIX loading external assemblies from the database.
  • OUVVI: FIX project execution context link
  • OUVVI: FIX import projects shows unique project names error.
  • OUVVI: FIX add Auto_InstanceID to project properties when opening Data Sync project file.

3.0. 1142 08/05/2018

  • FIX: ODBC Connections in Data Sync

3.0. 1144 09/05/2018

  • FIX: ODBC Connections in Ouvvi Steps and Triggers
  • FIX: Reporting view time zone issue.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.508

3.0. 1146 16/05/2018

  • FIX: OUVVI reporting cache on IE11
  • FIX: OUVVI Scrolling Changesets
  • FIX: OUVVI SSIS v1 downloading SSIS package
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.510

3.0. 1148 18/05/2018

  • FIX: Running Data Sync projects via Impersonation by changing the default TEMP path location.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.512

3.0. 1150 22/05/2018

  • FIX: Running Data Sync projects via Impersonation accessing local user path for Encryption Keys removed.

3.0. 1152 12/06/2018

  • OUVVI: Catch DeadLock error on Pop Queue and return null.
  • OUVVI: Decrypt SMTP setting value
  • OUVVI: OAuth pages for new layout
  • OUVVI: Update Reporting Date
  • OUVVI: New Installer Application
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.514
  • Run Tool support for large StdOutput
  • Keep ChangeSetMode when saving project
  • SharePoint Lookups when Key value is NULL
  • New Dynamics 365 writer implementation for Dynamics when version is > 8.2.2

3.0. 1154 18/06/2018

  • OUVVI: JQTE Editor menu images
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.516

3.0. 1156 21/06/2018

  • Analysis Provider to Aggregate DateTime via Min and Max functions
  • Support running Data Sync from a folder via portable.txt again.
  • Add deployment manager to Tools Menu
  • OUVVI: Update to Deployment Manager.
  • OUVVI: NULL Checks in Documentation SSIS Provider
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.518

3.0. 1158 28/06/2018

  • FIX: Dynamics 365 Domain Input box was a Password Field.
  • FIX: Support SQL Query in SQL Provider when transferring Blob data
  • FEATURE: UpdateSourceRow for CRM Entity connector to write back to CRM.
  • FEATURE: SQL Query option in Server Explorer for SQL Databases.
  • OUVVI : Release 4.0.520

3.0. 1160 05/07/2018

  • FEATURE: Use Attribute and Reflection to describe dependent assemblies for inclusion at runtime.
  • FIX: Remove Milliseconds from OleDB DateTime value.
  • FIX: Ouvvi Setting ConnectionString values without using Connection Library.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Send Team WebHook Message to channel.
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Web API download response to File
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Copy Project
  • OUVVI : Release 4.0.522

3.0. 1162 13/07/2018

  • FEATURE: Dynamics CRM SDK v9.0
  • FEATURE: Dynamics CRM Multi select Optionsets
  • FEATURE: New App Icons
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi Parent/Child Instance to support ForEach and Project Steps
  • OUVVI : Release 4.0.524

3.0. 1164 20/07/2018

  • FEATURE: ADO.NET Connector
  • OUVVI: Add ADO.NET Connection
  • OUVVI: Show running Status on Instance Log
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.526

3.0. 1166 24/07/2018

  • UPDATE: ADO.NET Connector to show DB Options
  • OUVVI: .NET Runtime set to 4.6.2
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.528

3.0. 1168 08/08/2018

  • BUG: CSV Provider held on to DataTableStore creating extra DSCacheFile that as not disposed.
  • FEATURE: SQL Query Tool
  • FEATURE: ADO.NET Connector to get ConnectionStringBuilder from provider and show this in the connection Dialog
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.530

3.0. 1172 23/08/2018

  • CHANGE: Clear Login Cache on Account change.
  • CHANGE: Updated Nuget Packages for ASP.NET MVC and Newtonsoft
  • FEATURE: Deployment Manager to re-write Assembly Bindings in config files.
  • CHANGE: FX Rates Yahoo service now offline, switched to EU Reference Rates.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.534

3.0. 1176 04/09/2018

  • BUG: SharePoint Lookups when using custom Encyption Key
  • BUG: Dynamic Columns compliler when calling member on DataSourceB type on startup.
  • BUG: Connection Library window title incorrect on startup.
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Last Day of Month Trigger
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Add Index to Instance Table
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Add Index to Step Table
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Handle SQL Deadlocks on multiple instances
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.538

3.0. 1178 08/10/2018

  • BUG: Show Connection Library Window
  • BUG: OUVVI SQL Connection Library showing Quotes when DB Name has a space.
  • BUG: OUVVI End Now button missing
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.540

3.0. 1180 29/10/2018

  • FEATURE: OData v4 allow entity to be overwritten
  • FEATURE: Ouvvi improved error message on importing projects
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.542

3.0. 1182 09/11/2018

  • BUG: Creating Azure and AWS connections failed on Security Service
  • OUVVI: Fix Memory Leak showing in Azure Web Apps
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.544

3.0. 1184 04/12/2018

  • FEATURE: SQL Encryption option on Create Table Wizard
  • FEATURE: Detect Login for new Ouvvi Online system.
  • BUG: Initial Window Layout move Connection Library to the Left.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.546


3.0. 1196 12/03/2019

  • FEATURE: Dynamics 365 Support for Lookups against Multi-Value Picklists
  • FEATURE: Redirect Connection Library on loading Ouvvi Solution File
  • BUG: Invalidate SharePoint ClientContext on Load
  • BUG: Handle Duplicate SharePoint Column names
  • BUG: Open XML Files now open correctly in other programs like MS Access.
  • FEATURE: Project Automation BeforeSync event captures the Change Set
  • FEATURE: Added Screenshare Option
  • FEATURE: Active Directory to support string[] for proxyAddresses
  • FEATURE: Add Accept header application/json to default request in Null/Empty provider
  • BUG: Memory Leak in Active Directory connector
  • FEATURE: Re-Work of Open XML Excel provider the better handle Data Types per Schema Map.
  • FEATURE: Added COALESCE Function
  • BUG: Ouvvi Status Report incorrect Timezone in calculation.
  • FEATURE: Export Ouvvi solution File
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.558

3.0. 1200 28/03/2019

  • FEATURE: Odata V4.0 connector now works against Navision 2017 OData v4 endpoints.
  • BUG: Email Connector exporting XLSX documents
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.562

3.0. 1202 04/04/2019

  • BUG: Active Directory setting string[] values on create.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.564

3.0. 1214 06/06/2019

  • FEATURE: OData URL support Singletons
  • BUG: Fix enumerating SQL Client Databases without permission
  • FEATURE: Fix CRM GetFetchFilterXmlForModifiedSince to use Date+Time rather than just Date.
  • FEATURE: Azure Blobs check if Content-MD5 is NULL
  • BUG: Ensure Security Service is set when creating SharePoint List
  • FEATURE: Exchange connector improve resolving mailbox.
  • CHANGE: Removal of Basic License
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.576

3.0. 1216 24/06/2019

  • FEATURE: Addition of Pipedrive connector
  • FEATURE: Addition of Mailchimp connector
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.578

3.0. 1234 06/09/2019

  • FEATURE: Added more Pipedrive Entities
  • CHANGE: OpenXML Schema Default set to string rather than int when all cells are empty
  • FEATURE: Added Stage to Pipedrive connector
  • FEATURE: Added connection registry support to Pipedrive connector
  • FEATURE: Added Avangate connector
  • CHANGE: Email connector - Select file types to export
  • CHANGE: Updated icon on Sync dialogue
  • OUVVI: Fix to file export by round tripping to the Step Handler
  • CHANGE: AddIdentifier Column so that it is only called once.
  • CHANGE: XML Reader (Excel) to read Cell Value rather than Cell InnerText
  • BUG: When editing an existing lookup, now uses the DisplayName for the List Entry
  • CHANGE: Update to WebStore provider to support Ouvvi Apps
  • CHANGE: Fixed performance issue on Data Grid preview
  • CHANGE: WebStore default for DateTime handling to UTC, use select * when columns > 10
  • BUG: Fix invalid credentials for Windows Auth on WebStore
  • CHANGE: Ensure that default Windows Auth can be used with WebStore Schema Navigator
  • OUVVI: Ouvvi Apps/StoreTables added with views and exports
  • OUVVI: Switch to use context helper to request object
  • OUVVI: Activation status message added to the layout
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.596

3.0. 1238 22/10/2019

  • OUVVI: Enabled feature to return record IDs from StorageAPI when adding new rows
  • BUG: Fix for Ouvvi to update settings from Data Sync's ValueStoreService
  • FEATURE: Added ItemEvents support to WebStore and UpdateSourceRow options
  • BUG: Fix for Pipedrive Organization from the Connection Library
  • CHANGE: Ensure Salesforce lookups pass the Sandbox status
  • OUVVI: Deployment manager can now be used against SQL Azure
  • OUVVI: Ensure Ouvvi Store Tables API returns the correct schema key column
  • OUVVI: Queue API Deadlock
  • OUVVI: Change to operation controller to break out of the loop when processing a long project queue
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.600

3.0. 1244 05/12/2019

  • OUVVI: Remove impersonation from Start/Stop services function in the services panel
  • BUG: Ouvvi - setting the locale on the request
  • CHANGE: Update the OData v4 provider to support a composite key
  • CHANGE: Update trial message
  • CHANGE: ADO provider to load the oracle managed driver if the dll exists
  • BUG: Ensure IgnoreCase flows through to the Key column matching
  • FEATURE: Now able to use the Query Tool with Oracle ADO.NET
  • OUVVI: Capability to add Powershell scripts from the file system
  • CHANGE: Update copyright to 2020
  • OUVVI: Add Oracle ODP.NET to the ADO.NET Provider List
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.606


3.0. 1248 27/01/2020

  • CHANGE: WebStore to support OAuth authentication to Ouvvi
  • CHANGE: Remove default ReadOnly off the schema mapping to allow users to decide instead
  • BUG: Fix refreshing OAuth token
  • FEATURE: Add a Http request timeout property to the SharePoint connector
  • CHANGE: Switch of the OAuth token response
  • CHANGE: Disabled trace on getting OAuth Token to prevent leaking password
  • CHANGE: Capture Dynamics TimeLimitExceeded and ConcurrencyLimitExceeded Errors and retry after delay.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.610

3.0. 1250 06/02/2020

  • OUVVI: Import and Export Apps feature
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.612

3.0. 1254 12/02/2020

  • FEATURE: Dynamics 365 Connection via Oauth2 (client_credentials only flow)
  • BUG: OpenXML provider returned Date values as Int32.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.616

3.0. 1256 14/02/2020

  • FEATURE: ZipArchive Provider added
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.618

3.0. 1258 04/03/2020

  • UPDATE: AWS Connector updated with new dependencies and assembly references
  • FEATURE: Added Ouvvi Online Agent Manager and Installing Agents with Dependencies
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.620
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1002

3.0. 1260 05/03/2020

  • FEATURE: Support SharePoint Online OAuth Authentication
  • OUVVI/OUVVI ONLINE: Supports SharePoint Online OAuth Authentication
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.622
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1004

3.0. 1266 19/03/2020

  • BUG: Fixed issue in CSV Writer where quotes were not doubled inside of quoted string
  • FEATURE: Machine Name added to Data Sync Log
  • UPDATE: Token store now uses Configured Security Service
  • OUVVI/OUVVI ONLINE: Fix to Time Interval Trigger where StartTime was not used
  • OUVVI: Supports stop of services on System Shutdown
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.628
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Agent Name added to Start and Stop Messages in the log
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1014

3.0. 1270 02/04/2020

  • FEATURE: IIS Log File reader connector added
  • UPDATE: Remove the registry settings from Data Sync Project Files
  • OUVVI/OUVVI ONLINE: Fix to Export Solution File for Invalid Trigger Names
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.630
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1016

3.0. 1272 16/04/2020

  • UPDATE: Connecting to Oracle with a SQL Command to ensure Database is not added to the Connection String
  • UPDATE: Fix to calculating when OAuth Token should be refreshed
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.632
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1018

3.0. 1276 26/05/2020

  • UPDATE: Dynamics OAuth Connector - Refresh OAuth Token during Sync
  • UPDATE: Fix for using BlobFileName when it is not part of the schema map (OpenXML)
  • UPDATE: New Default UI Theme added
  • UPDATE: Validation for Excel errors added
  • UPDATE: Schema Map drop down menus can be opened in one click
  • UPDATE: Adding schema to the Connection Library View for Postgres/SQL
  • UPDATE: Auto Mapper removed and mapping when you add columns now follows through.
  • UPDATE: New Ouvvi logo for Deployment Manager and Agent Manager
  • BUG: Fix for SharePoint Choice columns where final ;# needed to be returned otherwise the last item was dropped
  • OUVVI: Update to IIS App Installer
  • OUVVI: Fix to copy project
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.636
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1026

3.0. 1282 06/06/2020

  • UPDATE: SharePoint OAuth Connector now supports Uploading Documents
  • UPDATE: SharePoint OAuth now support File Download

3.0. 1290 23/09/2020

  • FEATURE: Migration to new automated build system run via OUVVI Online in AWS.
  • FEATURE: Exchange Connector supports OAuth to Office365
  • FEATURE: Email Connector supports OAuth to Office365
  • FEATURE: AD supports SSL/TLS Connection
  • FEATURE: AWS S3 Incremental Mode
  • FEATURE: SQL Server OleDB uses MSOLEDBSQL where installed
  • FEATURE: OUVVI AWS S3 File Upload
  • FEATURE: OUVVI supports login Authentication using Office 365 OpenIdConnect
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Reset Queue button
  • FEATURE: OUVVI Installer adds user account to DB configuration view
  • CHANGE: OUVVI better support for 404 and Error pages
  • CHANGE: OUVVI Report uses configured instance Locale for rendering values
  • CHANGE: Switch HighDpi support to use Font Scaling as this works better across Server OS
  • BUG: Refresh UI Property Grid on Project Load
  • CHANGE: Allow # in SharePoint URL's (Username & Password Auth Only)
  • BUG: OpenXML use CellReference when Value is null
  • BUG: Saving project when Connection Library contains duplicate parameter names
  • BUG: Uploading Documents using Username/Password Auth
  • BUG: OData Binding using SelectToken
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.640
  • OUVVI ONLINE: Release 5.0.1034

3.0. 1294 22/10/2020

  • BUG: Fix for DataSource windows being too wide for the tool window due to font scaling issue
  • BUG: Fix for Ouvvi Apps when the API doesn't return a column in Json
  • FEATURE: Add ability to set defaults for UpdateBatchSize and ReadBatchSize

3.0. 1300 21/12/2020

  • FEATURE: New Easy Installer for Data Sync & Ouvvi (IIS and SQLExpress Installers included)
  • BUG: Fix for reading decimals in locales that use commas instead of dots


3.0. 1344 01/04/2021

  • CHANGE: Podio Authentication now uses an external browser
  • CHANGE: Parse Numbers and Money as Invariant Culture
  • BUG: Podio Connector update to resolve lookup issues
  • CHANGE: Include OData Oauth2 API calls to V2.0 endpoints
  • FEATURE: New Active Directory Connector. Supports Users, Groups, Group Members, Contacts and Computers.
  • CHANGE: SQL DB Sync Wizard to use MSOLEDB Driver
  • FEATURE: Added TextTrimMode to SQL Server connectors to automatically right trim text
  • FEATURE: AD V2 Connector supports moving objects between OUs
  • BUG: Ensure Data Sync Date is nullable in Dynamic Columns
  • FEATURE: OAuth2 support added for WebRequestHelper
  • FEATURE: New Exception Handler UX added for detailed error reporting
  • FEATURE: SQL Client Connection allows users to specify all of the connection string and supports Dataverse
  • FEATURE: ADO.Net allows Dataverse connection
  • CHANGE: Updated framework to .NET 4.7.2
  • CHANGE: Default UI font updated
  • CHANGE: SQL Lite connector driver updated

3.0. 1346 22/04/2021

  • BUG: Fix for SharePoint WebServices connector to set the ListUrl when connecting from the registry
  • FEATURE: AD V2 Connector converts Empty String values to Null

3.0. 2061 17/08/2021

  • UPDATE: Full re-development of the Run Tool, including UI update
  • FEATURE: Run Tool step types have been extended
  • FEATURE: Drag and drop re-ordering enabled in Run Tool
  • FEATURE: Multi-select options available in Run Tool
  • FEATURE: Improved Error handling added to Run Tool. Full exception shown in logs and it is possible to right click to view the error on the step
  • FEATURE: Ability to pass configuration file to the Run Tool from the command line, Ouvvi and Simego Online
  • FEATURE: Run Tool log files stored on local machine
  • FEATURE: Copy single and multiple steps in the Run Tool
  • FEATURE: Zip file and PowerShell script default configuration added to external program step
  • FEATURE: Run Tool configuration now supports source control (GIT)
  • FEATURE: Implemented IValueStore on RunTool to enable write back to User Settings
  • UPDATE: RunTool SQL Database Wizard now uses SQL Client connection
  • UPDATE: Data Sync Connection Library and connections now use async/await for better rendering
  • FEATURE: Tooltips added to server explorer connections
  • FEATURE: Change the connection library in Data Sync
  • UPDATE: UI minor update with new icons in the menu's and font change
  • UPDATE: TreeView and ListView windows theme support
  • UPDATE: Update to Dynamics SDK
  • FEATURE: Dynamics SDK EnableAffinity and DisablePlugins
  • FEATURE: Add delete or recycle option to SharePoint Online connections
  • UPDATE: SQL Table Wizard now uses SQL Client Connection
  • UPDATE: Code refactor in preparation for .NET Core, remove BeginInvoke calls
  • UPDATE: Support calling Project Automation Start() from a grouping analysis project
  • UPDATE: Connection dialog window update where connections in connection library are grouped by connection type
  • BUG: Fix Basic Authentication for OData 2.0 connector
  • UPDATE: Ouvvi Online becomes Simego Online for scheduling Run Tool projects
  • SIMEGO-ONLINE: Data Sync Run Tool Step Handler added
  • SIMEGO-ONLINE: Override registry settings to set DEV/PROD/UAT connections at run time
  • SIMEGO-ONLINE: Removed handlers that required data storage
  • SIMEGO-ONLINE: Release 5.0.1134
  • OUVVI: Data Sync Run Tool step handler added
  • OUVVI: Database schema change to support the Run Tool Handler
  • OUVVI: Framework update to .NET 4.7.2
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2061
  • OUVVI: Remove powershell script installation/upgrade capability

3.0. 2080 01/11/2021

  • UPDATE: Dynamics CRM connector reworked to connect via OAuth and improve connector. Uses Simego Azure App to request permissions.
  • UPDATE: Salesforce connector reworked to improve connecting via OAuth.
  • UPDATE: SharePoint Online connector reworked to connect via OAuth and improve connector. Uses Simego Azure App to request permissions.
  • OUVVI: Removed Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Online and Salesforce from Connection Library as now handled by Data Sync
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2080

3.0. 2086 11/11/2021

  • FIX: Saving OAuth Scope in Dynamics Connector
  • FIX: For Run Tool writing to console output
  • BUG: Fix for Ouvvi time triggers where start time was calculated incorrectly for some timezones
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2086

3.0. 2088 08/12/2021

  • FIX: Remove spaces from Project Automation and Dynamic Columns Templates
  • FIX: Selecting a View with the SharePoint Online connector returned an error when using Oauth and Connection Library.
  • FEATURE: Add HTTP Timeout to SOAP WebServices connector
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2088

3.0. 2090 10/12/2021

  • FIX: Dynamics 365 unable to specify instance name in URL for OnPremise install.
  • FIX: Catch Exception in ADO.NET connector when Oracle .NET library installed and also copied to Data Sync folder.
  • FIX: Prevent SharePoint CreateList from creating string columns with a length -1.
  • BUG: Catch System.Data.Constraint Exception in ADO provider when adding OracleClient
  • FIX: Ensure SharePoint columns are not created with max length of -1
  • BUG: Instance name couldn't be added to Dynamics Service URL
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2090


3.0. 2110 17/03/2022

  • UPDATE: SQLite Library version updated
  • UPDATE: DBSchemaSync added
  • UPDATE: SQL Script Generator added
  • UPDATE: The ability to export Podio items as JSON added
  • UPDATE: Ability to export data as JSON added
  • BUG: Add BypassCustomPluginException to each request in MultipleExecuteRequest
  • FIX: Auth change when connecting to Dynamics On-Prem using ADFS rather than AD Authentication
  • FIX: Reset Dynamics connection configuration when connecting
  • UPDATE: Add an OAuth Prompt property with a default of consent for OAuth flows
  • BUG: Fix for uploading into folders in SharePoint Online via OAuth
  • UPDATE: Filter added to Datasource, Connection and Connection Library windows
  • UPDATE: Add Encryption Key hint to help locate correct encryption keys
  • OUVVI: fix for Ouvvi SignIn and getting browser cookies
  • OUVVI: Adding Dataverse Trigger that supports OAuth
  • FIX: When no time is entered into a UTC time field in Podio adjust time accordingly
  • UPDATE: Null/Empty Datasource now supports loading JSON from a file and WebRequest
  • OUVVI: Added Salesforce trigger
  • OUVVI: Added Podio trigger
  • UPDATE: Update copyright to 2022
  • FIX: When a path ends with a \ remove accordingly
  • OUVVI: Fix in solution export around length of description and triggers
  • OUVVI: Installer fix for installing IIS via Powershell on different operating systems
  • OUVVI: Fix for when users add spaces to Ouvvi Service name
  • OUVVI: Fix for when you try to install Ouvvi instance onto SSL 443 port
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2110

3.0. 2112 21/03/2022

  • FIX: Expire Dynamics OAuth Token so it get refreshed when connecting via UI
  • UPDATE: Show the correct .NET Framework version
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2112

3.0. 2114 29/03/2022

  • FIX: Ouvvi for TrimModelBinder where you couldn't enter HTML in project/step description.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2114

3.0. 2126 13/06/2022

  • CHANGE: Remove credential editor from Dynamics CRM connector as no longer used.
  • FIX: Incorrect SQL for ADO.NET connector when you have Dynamic Columns in Schema Map
  • FIX: Enumerating SQL Server in connection Library with SQL Client against SQL Azure
  • FIX: Run Tool XML Serialization on SQLStepHandler
  • UPDATE: New Digital Signature
  • FIX: Salesforce Connector when using LOOKUP functions to set the API version.
  • FIX: When DataSync datasource windows go missing automatically reset the layout.
  • FIX: Installing Ouvvi Services on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • CHANGE: Ouvvi Installer to use Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature in PowerShell IIS install. Will break Server 2012 R2 but can be done manually.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2126

3.0. 2128 17/06/2022

  • CHANGE: SharePoint Online update by Microsoft has broken reading User Information List via All Items Caml Query, Change to use the Default View.
  • FIX: FileSystemReader check that File Exists as WinAPI might return files which do not exist.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2128

3.0. 2130 23/06/2022

  • OUVVIONLINE: Agent broken due to Ouvvi 5.0 now reverted to original code branch for Ouvvi Online.
  • OUVVI: Release 4.0.2130

3.0. 2146 28/07/2022

  • FEATURE: MongoDb Connection Library Browser if installed
  • FEATURE: New method to install 3rdParty connectors in global path rather than install directory.
  • FEATURE: Install 3rdParty connectors from URL.
  • FEATURE: Add Int64[] type
  • FIX: Podio AppIDs are now Int64s
  • FIX: Pass 'Prompt' to Oauth SharePoint connection
  • FEATURE: Pull String DataType Length from Dynamics Metadata
  • CHANGE: Change how Data Sync runs without license, Open&Save disabled without license other features enabled.
  • OUVVI: Use Exception wrapper for Logs
  • OUVVI: No longer returns error if project is empty
  • OUVVI: Add Trigger Clock Reset
  • OUVVI: Add O365 Graph EmailSend configuration option for outgoing email
  • OUVVI: Add new UX Dark Themes
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2146

3.0. 2160 28/09/2022

  • FIX: How OAuth Token Refresh is handled when running from RunTool and user Non-Interactive
  • FEATURE: Change Ouvvi Hashes from MD5 for SHA1 for FIPS mode.
  • FEATURE: Change ADO Connector to allow for Dynamic Load of Custom Connector.
  • FIX: Query Window with ADO Connection
  • FEATURE: Do Not Load the Provider List on Startup instead load as required.
  • REMOVED: Avangate Connector moved to Github
  • REMOVED: Pipedrive Connector moved to Github
  • REMOVED: Mailchimp Connector moved to Github
  • REMOVED: DbSchema Connector moved to Github
  • FEATURE: Added Support for loading compiled connectors from Github
  • FEATURE: RunTool to accept parameters from Command Line and update Settings at runtime.
  • FEATURE: Assembly Resolver can resolve assemblies in DataSync Connector folder.
  • FEATURE: Multi-Select Move Up/Down in Schema Map and Run Tool.
  • FIX: Encoding of Connection Library Name when connected to Ouvvi
  • FIX: Crash if copy dialog closed whilst Project Automation code still running.
  • FEATURE: SharePoint Incremental Mode to use Eq CAML query when QueryLimit=1
  • FIX: ADO provider setting the Provider Name.
  • FIX: OUVVI connection library names
  • FIX: OUVVI Parallel Projects return same status.
  • FEATURE: OUVVI processes TimeTriggers on WFE.
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2160

3.0. 2168 05/12/2022

  • FIX: Active Directory 2 Group Members Exception when Group Members List was null.
  • CHANGE: Sharepoint and Dynamics 365 now default to select_account rather than consent prompt.
  • FEATURE: SetConnectionString method added to ADO.NET connector.
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2168


3.0. 2172 21/06/2023

  • FIX: Run Tool when previous Log file is empty
  • FIX: Error When opening Query Tool
  • FIX: OUVVI running as NETWORK SERVICE on some servers.
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2172

3.0. 2180 02/11/2023

  • FIX: Suppress OAuth2 Browser Script errors.
  • CHANGE: Change Licensing to require license key to run Compare.
  • CHANGE: Change Activation back to simple License Key activation window.
  • FEATURE: Add Incremental Lookup to Dynamics CRM FetchXml connector.
  • FEATURE: Catch Exceptions and throw more detailed Exception Log trace.
  • FEATURE: SQL Server, SQL Client, ADO.NET convert ArrayTypes to Strings in writer to prevent DataType errors.
  • FEATURE: SQL Server allow selection of OleDB driver to use.
  • FEATURE: Create SQL Table Wizard to include SQL Script in Error Message.
  • FIX: Attach Window to Exception Error popup to prevent UI locking with modal dialog.
  • FEATURE: Enable Ignoring Calculated Column errors to prevent getting stuck.
  • FEATURE: Throw exception in FileSystem provider if Directory is not found.
  • FEATURE: Edit Connection Library connection directly from Connection Library explorer.
  • FIX: Active Directory check range of FileTime Int64 is less than 9999/12/31
  • CHANGE: Change Installer to use InnoSetup the same as DataSync V6
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2180

3.0. 2184 22/11/2023

  • UPDATE: Update DataSync and Ouvvi referenced assemblies due to security vulnerabilities reported in Newtonsoft.Json and Microsoft.Owin.Security.Cookies
  • FIX: Basic Auth in Ouvvi WebAPI Step Handler
  • FIX: Ouvvi startup when duplicate user setting found.
  • CHANGE: Remove Simego Online Deployment Manager
  • UPDATE: Add missing AWS regions
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2184


3.0. 2188 19/01/2024

  • UPDATE: Delete DSCache files on Startup
  • FIX: Authentication issue with SharePoint OnPrem in Connection Library view.
  • FIX: Active Directory Group Members when a group member list exceed 1500 users.
  • FIX: Unregister Event Handlers in Ouvvi Powershell and Cmd Handler.

3.0. 2190 25/01/2024

  • UPDATE: Update Nuget package references with security vulnerabilities reported.

3.0. 2192 - 29/01/2024

  • FIX: Ouvvi Trigger service failing if Time Triggers returned exception.
  • OUVVI Release 4.0.2192