Activating Data Sync with License Keys

Data Synchronisation Studio (Data Sync) is activated with your license key via your internet connection against The activation is refreshed automatically every 15 days to keep the activation alive.

When you first open Data Sync you will need to open the Help menu and select Register License. This will open the Register License Key window.


Just enter your license key and click OK. Just enter your license key and click OK.


If you do not have an internet connection and need to activate your key, please see our page on Offline License Key Activation. Otherwise take a look at the troubleshooting section below if you are having issues.

Moving the License - License Registered to your Account

If you need to move Data Sync to a new machine you will first need to remove the activation from the license.

Log into the registered users account at, if you do not know the password you may need to reset it here. Then locate and click onto the license under the License Keys tab.

Now find the client id of the activation you want to remove and click delete to delete the activation. You can now use your license key

NB: Remember to uninstall Data Sync from your old machine so then it does not attempt to re-activate.

Delete Activation

Moving the License - License Not Registered to your Account

If the license isn't registered to your account you can log in to manage the license here, you will need the license key and order reference number.

Now check the checkbox next to the activation to be removed and click Delete Activations.

Delete Activation Manage License

Your license will now have a clear space to activate on the new machine.


If the activation is failing it might be that the outbound connection to has been blocked, the license key has been entered incorrectly, or there are no activations left on the license.

Connection Blocked

To resolve the connection being blocked you need to enable the outbound connection to on port 443 as it is HTTPS. The specific URL Data Sync uses to validate the license is .

Activating the license key through the online method means that you can always move it if you need to.

No Activations left

If there are no activations available then follow the guide above for moving the license.