License Types

The following licenses are currently available to purchase from the pricing page.


The Server Edition of Data Synchronisation Studio provides the Data Sync Designer and Ouvvi Automation Server and is intended to be run on a single machine for both Development and Production use.

  • Production Use
  • Design and Development via RDP
  • 3 Ouvvi Instances
  • Single Machine Activation

Server Plus

The Server Plus License supports activation on 3 machines for a typical DEV/UAT/PROD configuration. It can be used to run your main production machine and then have 2 activations available for development work.

  • Production & Development Use
  • 9 Ouvvi Instances
  • 3 machine activations

Server Advanced

The Server Advanced License is a company wide license for use on multiple machines. If you need a team of developers working on your data integration projects then this is the best license to use.

  • Multiple machine use for multiple environments such as DEV/CI/SIT/UAT/PROD/DR etc.
  • Install on your local workstation for local development work
  • Company Wide License
  • For Production & Development use
  • 30 Ouvvi Instances
  • 30 Machines Activations