Return details about a Podio App's Schema

The Podio App Schema Data Sync connector can be used to return information about an App's schema.


Data Sync connects to Podio via the Podio OAuth 2.0 protocol, this requires an API Key combination of Client ID and Client Secret. Out of the box Data Sync has internal copies of our Keys it is recommend that for production use you generate your own keys this is because each key has it's own API limits.

Within your Podio account under API Keys create a new application and keep note of the Client ID and Client Secret.

Create Podio API Key

Contact Podio Support and mention Simego Data Sync Studio to increase your API limits on your Key.

It's recommended to use the Data Sync connection library with Podio since these keys need refreshing from time to time and it's much easier to setup this authentication once and re-use it.

To create your initial Connection locate the Podio Items connector and enter the connection details as follows

  1. Your API Client ID and Client Secret
  2. Your credentials, click on the ... to sign into Podio and authorise the application to connect.
  3. Select an existing App to connect to
  4. Press Connect & Create Library Connection to connect to this app and create a library connection you can reuse.

Podio Connection