Connect to Podio

The Data Sync Podio connectors allow you to work with Data stored in Podio Apps, Members and Contacts. You can also return the information about an App's schema.

Data Sync has it's own Podio API keys built in. The limit on this is greater than the default API limit Podio set for custom API connections. However you can contact Podio to have the API limit increased, just mention Data Sync and they can help you.

As the Data Sync API calls are shared between any Data Sync users using them so they could be used up by another user. This is why it is best to create your own API keys for production projects.

To connect to Podio the steps to follow are:

1 - To use the Data Sync API keys, leave the Client ID and Client Secret empty and connect to Podio though the credentials field. If you are using your own API keys then enter these into the Client Secret and Client ID fields before connecting to Podio.
2 - Grant access to Data Sync through the credentials field.
3 - Now select your App from the dropdown list.

Saving the connection to the connection library means you can access all your workspaces and apps within your organisation from the connection library. This saves you time and effort when creating future projects and adding lookups.

Podio Connection