How To

Import SQL Table into a Podio App

The following page and video will cover how to import data from a SQL table into a Podio app. It also includes how to add a lookup to maintain a relationship between two apps in Podio.

The video below uses an Project

Connect to your Source and Target

Start by connecting your source to your SQL table and your target to the destination Podio app. For details on connecting to SQL check out the documentation here, and for connecting to Podio here.

If you have already connected to each and saved the connections to the connection library you can simply drag and drop each connection onto the relevant window.

In our example we are connecting to a SQL table that contains project data which has a Company ID column that will be used to lookup the customer details in Podio

Configure the Schema Map

Now you need to add the columns you want to Sync. Make sure to set a key column which can uniquely identify each record.

Schema Map

Configure the Lookup

As we want to lookup the customer details in Podio to link the right customer to the project we need to configure a lookup to Podio.

To do this you can either select the column to lookup and then click the lookup button in the toolbar.

Alternatively drag and drop the app from Podio onto your source column and then select the right target lookup column.

Lookup Configuration

You can then expand the lookup columns and add the fields you need to the schema map. Then map those columns to their corresponding column in the target Podio app.

Add Lookup and Map

Compare & Sync

Now you are ready to move on to comparing the source to the target.

  1. Click the Compare A > B button in the toolbar to view the changes that need to be applied to make the target match the source.

  2. You can preview the data changes by clicking onto either the additions, updates or deletes. Please note deletes are disabled by default, to enable these set EnableDelete to True on the target.

  3. Once you are satisfied that the data is correct, click Synchronise

  4. Then click Start to run the sync.

Compare & Sync

You can now browse to your Podio site and the data will be visible, you have successfully synced your SQL data into your Podio App.

Additional Video

We have another quick video showing how to import data from a SQL Table into a Podio App. Specifically this example covers connecting to Podio and saving it to the connection library and then using the connection library connections to create your project.

Important: In this demo we use the Podio external_id column to store the primary key value from the source table.