Oracle Microsoft Driver

This connection requires the Oracle Client Software to be installed which can be downloaded from Oracle directly.

Our Oracle specific connector is now deprecated as it is no longer supported in the .NET Framework, however it does still function and you can continue to use it to connect to Oracle. This connector supports additions, updates and deletions, however it does not support the connection library.

For other ways to connect to Oracle please see the pages below. These methods of connecting do support the connection library.

Connecting Using the Oracle Connector

To connect to Oracle, go to the connection window and go to SQL Database > Oracle(Deprecated).

You can then either enter in the connection details into the connection fields or you can paste/edit the connection string in the white textbox.

Your connection string should look similar to : Data Source=ORACLE01/XEPDB1;User ID=HR;Password=hr;

You can find other sample connection string examples here.

Connect to Oracle Database