Connecting to Dynamics 365 in Ouvvi

For versions released before 4.0.2076 you can use the following documentation to add a connection to Dynamics directly to the Ouvvi Connection Library.

The connection parameters required to connect to Dynamics 365 can be found below:


Parameter Value
Connection Name Name for the connection.
Description Description of the connection.
Organisation Service Endpoint URL This is the URL to your Dynamics 365 Organisation Service SOAP\WCF service. Will be similar to: . To get your organisation URL go to Settings->Customizations->Developer Info in Dynamics 365.
Authentication Type The type of Authentication. For Dynamics 365 Online this is Federated. For OnPremise this is either Federated or Managed Domain.
Username (optional) An alternative username to the Ouvvi Windows Service Credentials.
Password (optional) An alternative password to the Ouvvi Windows Service Credentials.
Domain (optional) The domain for server authentication
Note: Ouvvi Windows Service Credentials are used by default unless alternate office 365 credentials are supplied.

For Dynamics 365 Online always provide Azure AD credentials.

Office 365 credentials are required in the email user format (UPN)

Updating your Password for Dynamics in the Connection Library

The video below shows how to update your Dynamics password in the connection library of Data Sync and Ouvvi. Any project that references the updated connection will be automatically updated with the new credentials.