Excel XLSX format

The OpenXML Excel Spreadsheet provider in Data Sync is based on the OpenXML file format and does not have any dependencies on OleDB and can run in 64 and 32 bit environments.

This provider supports read-write operations and delete operations.

Caution: DELETE operations will remove the row and shift the rows below up 1, these operations can be quite slow and do not support re-writing formula references so only use with data only spreadsheets.

Connect to Excel XLSX File


The Excel path and filename.


The Row in the worksheet that contains the Column Names, the Data will be the row after the Header Row.


The Sheet in the Excel document to connect.


The Excel Display Style for columns containing DateTime values.


The .NET Guid DataType Format Style.

Delete All Rows

The OpenXML Provider provides a method DeleteAllRows() that you can call from project automation Start() method to clear out the Spreadsheet prior to a sync.

Excel Delete all rows