Excel XLS format

Files from Excel 2003-2010 using the *.xls extension should use the Excel 2003-2010 provider in Data Sync. This is based on the Microsoft OleDB driver for Excel and therefore must be installed on your system.

Link to Office 2010 Runtime

Important: On 64-Bit systems ensure you have the 64 bit Office Runtime installed.

Running 32-bit office with 64 bit Data Sync will return Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine connection errors.

Whilst this provider can also read *.xlsx files it is recommend to use the OpenXML provider for these as this does not have a dependency on the OleDB driver.

Connect to Excel XLS File

The first row must contain the column names and Data Sync will use these as the columns.


The Excel path and filename.


The Sheet in the Excel document to connect.

Define Ranges

You can define a range rather than an entire workbook by specifying the range in Excel range format for the TableName property.

For example to return columns A-C only in Sheet named Export Export$A:C or if your Data starts in Row 12 and Columns C-F use Export$C12:F

Rows cannot be DELETED with this provider since the OleDB driver does not support DELETE operations against Excel.