SQL Server (OleDB)

The connection parameters required to connect to a OleDB SQL Server Database can be found below:

SQL Server

Parameter Value
Connection Name Name for the connection.
Description Description of the connection.
SQL Server Name The name of the SQL Server and SQL Instance Name (if applicable) you are connecting to. E.g. SQL01, SQL01\SQLExpress,
SQL Database Name of the SQL Database you are connecting to.
Network Library The type of network library you are connecting to. Note: Network Library is nearly always TCP/IP or Named Pipes.
Username (optional) The username required to access the SQL Server.
Password (optional) The password required to access the SQL Server.
Encrypt Option to encrypt the connection
Trust Server Certificate Option to save the trust server certificate.

Note: Ouvvi Windows Service Credentials are used by default unless alternate SQL Server credentials are supplied.

SQL Azure DB expects the username in the format