.NET XML DataSet File

The .NET XML DataSet file provider is a read-write XML provider for the standard .NET XML DataSet format XML File, this is the same as the output from the .NET DataSet class.

Data Sync can output this format file via the Data Preview feature in Data Sync.

Connect to XML DataSet File

You can create a .NET XML file target connection automatically from the Schema Map via Tools->Create XML DataSet


The Filename and path to the XML file.

Specifying only a filename will assume the DataSync project path.

Windows Wildcards are supported in the filename i.e. *.xml however this will make the connection read-only.


The Table in the DataSet to return when the DataSet contains multiple results.


When using Wildcard filenames this specifies whether the search will include subfolders.


Specifies whether to write the XML Schema in the output document.

Important without the Schema opening an empty XML document will fail since the Schema is missing.