Using Ouvvi Apps as a Data Source

Use this connector to Read and Write Items from the Simego Ouvvi Apps API.


To connect go to Connect Datasource > Simego > Simego Ouvvi App.

Ouvvi App Connector

Property Description
Credentials Click onto the ellipsis to open the credentials window. Enter your Ouvvi credentials if the machine you are on does not have permissions set within Ouvvi.
URL Enter in the URL to your Ouvvi App API. It should look something like http://localhost:8080/app .
ListName Select your Ouvvi App from the dropdown list.

Save the connection by selecting Connect & Create Library Connection.

Using the Quick Start Function

The Ouvvi Apps connector also comes with a quick-start function contained within the Tools menu of Data Sync to create an Ouvvi App based off your source schema.

Please note that you need to have created at least one App within Ouvvi before you can use this function to create new Apps.

To use this feature, open Data Sync and load your source data into Data Source A. Add the columns you want to be included in the App to the schema map. Then go to Tools > Create Ouvvi App .

New Ouvvi App Function

Choose your connection from the drop down (if you have opened Data Sync from Ouvvi this will be 'Ouvvi Apps') and type in a name for your App.

New Ouvvi App

The app will have now been created, with the columns being based off the columns defined in the schema map.

You can either run the project in Data Sync to sync the data or you can save the project to run from Ouvvi later.