Static Data Source

The Static Data Source provider stores the Data for the Data source in the Data Sync project file. This can be used to capture a snapshot of a Data source and then use this to synchronise with other targets. You might use this if you are preparing test data and these project(s) can be used to initialise a target system to a know state.

To create a Static Data source it's best to start with your source data (what you want in the Static DataSource provider) as your Source (DataSourceA) then go to Tools -> Create Static Datasource this will then copy your Schema Map into the Schema for the Static Data Source.

Next Compare and Synchronise your data to load it into the Static DataSource.

Finally go to Tools -> Swap Sides to swap the Data sources around so that the Static DataSource is now the Source (DataSourceA).


The Schema Columns of the Static Data Source.


The Data is stored in the Data Sync Project file under the Project\DataSource[@Direction='source']\InitializationData node in .NET DataSet format you can edit the project file directly in a text editor to modify the data if necessary.

NOTE: Since the Data is in the Project file making data changes at runtime requires the project to be saved and therefore this is not something that can be done via Ouvvi or the RunTool.