From version 3.0.2150 the Mailchimp connectors are available to install from the Simego GitHub page. For versions released before this and after 3.0.1216 it is available in the pre-installed connector list.

Installing the Connector

To install the Mailchimp connector stored in GitHub we have a Data Connector Installer built into Data Sync. To use this you need to have the URL to the zip file containing the connector code.

To get the url navigate to the release page in GitHub for the connector and then right click onto the file and copy the link.

Copy link to Connector Zip

Now open Data Sync and go to File > Install Data Connector. Then paste the link into the Data Connector URL field and click OK to install the connector.

Install Connector

If the installation was successful you should get a confirmation popup and you now need to close all instances of Data Sync and then re-start the program.

Connector Installed Successfully

If you get an error saying it could not install the connector because it is "Unable to access folder", then this is because the folder is locked by Ouvvi. Please stop your Ouvvi services and try again.

You can now access both of the connectors from the connection window under Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Connector

For details on how to connect please use either the links below or the links in the menu on the left.