Amazon SimpleDB

The Amazon SimpleDB provider in Data Sync exposes a Amazon Simple DB domain like a SQL Table and supports read-write operations.

You can create a Amazon SimpleDB Domain from Data Sync Schema Map via Tools->Create Amazon SimpleDB Domain

To connect first enter your Amazon Simple DB credentials then select the region and finally choose the Domain to connect to.

Connect to Amazon SimpleDB


The Domain (list/table) in Amazon SimpleDB to connect to.


The AWS region that contains your SimpleDB Domain.


The AWS AccessKey.


The AWS Secret.

You can also use AWS IAM Users/Roles when running from an AWS VM with an IAM role assigned.


List of Columns to expose on the connection data schema. The columns are discovered automatically when first connected to a new domain. If you need to add a new column add it to the Columns collection and refresh the data source.


The Column that represents the Name or Unique key of the item in SimpleDB.


The number of rows to return in each request.


A SimpleDB WHERE Filter to append to the SELECT operation.