CSV File

Connecting to CSV File

Connect to CSV File

You can drag a file from your Desktop/Explorer into the Data Source window to connect automatically.


Specifies network credentials when using Web URL to load the CSV file via HTTP.


The field Separator to use, you can select one from the predefined list or enter your own character.


The Path and Filename to the CSV File, without a Path the current directory is used.

Supports wild cards so *.csv would force Data Sync to load all CSV files in the directory. Each file must be of the same schema for this to work correctly. Can also be used when the CSV Filename changes to automatically pickup a file in a directory.

Supports a Web Uri to load the CSV file from an HTTP Source i.e. http://yourserver/reportdata?format=csv the Authentication settings are used with a Web Uri.


The Text Encoding scheme to use UTF8 includes BOM


The Date Format String to use with columns of type DateTime this will be used to parse the value into a DateTime value and used to write the DateTime value to the output CSV file.


Defines whether String values are Quoted in Double Quotes (").


Defines whether the schema columns will be automatically created from the Header row.


Defines the list of Columns when there is no header row. All columns must be defined to successfully read the file.


Defines whether there is a header row in the file containing the Column names.